I'm sure many of you have heard the three original Dookie demo tapes floating around, well now here's a forth demo tape containing three completely unheard demos! The demo tape contains three early versions of the "J.A.R", "Having A ... read story
Here is the winning entry in our Green Day Wallpaper Contest. Created by Jose G., who will be getting a clear Demolicious vinyl for taking first place. A shoutout to the runner-up, Rayne. Here's their entry. Thanks to everyone who ... read story
Here are the top 15 entries in our Green Day Wallpaper Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted one. View the top 15 and vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. The winner will receive a clear Demolicious vinyl. Voting ends ... read story
From 2001 through 2004 GreenDay.com posted regular phone messages from Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré. Unfortunately these aren't available anymore and most have been lost through the years and we want to find them. At the moment we only ... read story
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dookie, this weeks download of the week featured 3 different Dookie related downloads. Dookie Demos, Re-recordings, & Unreleased songs: 18 Tracks - 46mb MP3 The first download is a selection of ... read story
Ever since I heard Green Day play the song "Amanda" through the live stream of the November 2011 Red7 secret show, I've been hooked. It was by far the ¡TRÉ! song I was most anxious to hear leading up to the album's release. When I finally ... read story
We've (finally) updated the wallpaper section with 5 new Green Day wallpapers for you to download to your computer. Check out all our wallpaper right here. Want to see your wallpaper featured on GDA? Send us jpg and png files (no ... read story
Earlier this week, German radio station "Jump Radio" recapped the best concerts of 2012 with one of the shows being Green Day's performance in Berlin on August 30th. The hour long show played thirteen of the twenty-five songs played at ... read story
You guys and gals might remember a few weeks ago, our friends at WXOU Radio in Oakland held a 2 hour Green Day dedicated radio show. It was an awesome experience for everyone involved, and guess what? They're doing a follow up... today! ... read story
This week, we here at GDA are bringing you a little bit of a different Featured Download, but I think that you guys are going to like it. This "smooth jazz" remix of Green Day's 1994 song, "Basket Case" was done by Andy Rehfeldt. This ... read story
One year before Green Day released their latest epic 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day was performing under their alias name, The Foxboro Hot Tubs. Like most of Green Day's smaller shows, their was a strict "no camera" policy that was put ... read story
We've added a new image into our Green Day wallpaper section. This wallpaper was designed by Taia and submitted for our contest this summer. It's a pretty awesome cartoon-like avatar style of Green Day, mainly their hair. I quite enjoyed it ... read story
We have just updated our Featured Download page with an audio interview with Billie Joe done in 1995 when Green Day was playing in Holland. In this interview Billie Joe discusses the pressures of songwriting, touring, Woodstock 94, and ... read story
I'm excited to be able to share this awesome download with you guys. The cutest guy in the world, Gerg, sent me these files, which he got from eBay, of Green Day performing this acoustic set in 2001 on Endession 59 in Seattle, Washington. ... read story
When Billie Joe was just five years old he used to go around to hospitals and nursing homes with his dad to sing to the patients in hopes of making him feel better. This soon led to Billie recording his first song, "Look for Love" with a ... read story
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