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It's kind of a sad day in Green Day history as Alterntive Press writes that Lookout Records - the label founded by Larry Livermore and gave Green Day their first record deal in the late 80's - officially closes down. Larry left Lookout in ... read story
Artwork for the upcoming "The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore" compilation was revealed this week. The artwork has been created by Larry Livermore's friend and bandmate from The Potatomen, Patrick Hynes. This is from Alternative Press: ... read story
Hot on the heels of part 10, part 11 of Larry Livermore's "Spy Rock Memories" is up on his blog. Again, Larry's left it tantalisingly "to be continued..." as the story continues to grow! Included in the post are Larry's recollections of ... read story
Larry Livermore has posted part 10 of his Spy Rock Memories on his blog LarryLivermore.com. It was supposed to be the final part, but Larry has left it "to be continued...", to the delight of those who have been following the series. I'd ... read story
As revealed earlier in the week, Larry Livermore is going to be putting out a record with Adeline Records. According to Larry's most recent blog post, it looks as though the title will be "The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore" - inspired by ... read story
It's time for some speculative news. Larry Livermore, long-friend of Green Day, has caused a bit of a stir on twitter along with on our forum when he tweeted this: Didn't think I'd ever get involved in putting out records again, but read story
In part 9 of Spy Rock Memories, Larry Livermore writes about Sweet Children growing up, and remembers the moment they told him they were changing their name to Green Day - just before they were about to release their first EP, 1,000 Hours ... read story
Continuing our current theme of taking a look back at Green Day's early history, fansite greenday.net posted an article from the East Bay Express from 2005, which talks about the rise and fall of Lookout! Records, the label that released ... read story
Lookout! Records co-founder Larry Livermore writes about the first time he met 'Sweet Children' - who of course went on to become Green Day, in part 8 of his Spy Rock Memories. In this installment of Larry's blog, he recollects his time ... read story
Insubordination Fest, a yearly event showcasing dozens of independent bands, is taking place this Thursday through Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland. Lookout records co-founder Larry Livermore will be appearing with his band The Potatomen ... read story
This past January, Punk Rock Pravada did a lengthy Q and A with Lookout! Records' founder Larry Livermore. In the interview, Livermore discusses his youth, his influences and experiences with multiple bands (as well as his own), and of ... read story
RollingStone.com posted a recap of of the Foxboro Hot Tubs show that took place yesterday at Bowery Electric in New York City. The show was a dervish from the first note, bodies colliding and songs arriving in white hot flashes. Armstrong ... read story
Larry Livermore has posted up part 3 of his interview with Billie Joe Armstrong from 2001/2002. In the third part Billie talks about bands that he does not like and how some lyrics by other artists are not true and genuine. They also ... read story
Larry Livermore posted up part 2 of his interview with Billie Joe Armstrong from 2001/2002. In Part II they talk a lot about the early beginnings of Green Day, about John Kiffmeyer, his influence on the band and his departure, and the ... read story
Larry Livermore (founder of Lookout! Records, and the band the Lookouts) just recently re-designed his blog, larrylivermore.com, and one of the featured posts is this interview with Billie Joe from late 2001/early 2002.So far he's only ... read story
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