The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
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Last month we released a 2013 recap zine which has some original content reviewing everything that happened with Green Day and our community last year. After sending out zines to everyone who pre-ordered we have only a small amount left ... read story
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The last few months we've been working on a zine to recap all the news and and events that happened with Green Day and our community of fans in 2013. We're very excited to finally share what we've been working on with all of you. The end ... read story
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We've just put up these 'Stupid' pins on the GDA store. There's also a GDA pin. You can get them now for $1. We ship worldwide :D ... read story
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[/url]After more than a month I'm happy to say our Rage & Love Wristbands are now back in stock and available worldwide. The wristbands are black and red silicone and you can get the pair for $3.98. We ship worldwide and shipping is ... read story
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It appears Converse has teamed up with Trè Cool and SJC Custom Drums to create a special edition high-top model of their famous Chuck Taylor shoes. The shoe design features Trè's logo, the Green Day bunny, the trilogy "X", and the SJC ... read story
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Today is cyber-Monday as people go back to work and school after a nice break for Thanksgiving last week in the US. To mark the day we're bringing two very good deals to you.. Our poster and wristbands are currently 50% off with $1 ... read story
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Our "Like A Rat Does Cheese" poster inspired by the Tré Cool song are still in stock and available for worldwide delivery. The posters are only limited to 50 copies so make sure you order yours before they're all gone. All money raised go ... read story
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Hot Topic has recently started stocking new Green Day shirts with the cover art from the band's second EP, Slappy. The shirt is available from for $20.50+shipping. The shirt is currently $15.38 as they are having a 25% ... read story
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Last month we reported on International Superhits being reissued at Hot Topic and now it's Shenanigans turn. We hadn't heard about this so it was quite a surprise when a forum member posted about this. Turns out Shenanigans got its ... read story
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Our "Rage & Love" wristbands are in stock and available worldwide for only $4 (plus shipping - US shipping is only $1.75). Money raised from merchandise goes to help GDA pay our bills. Check them out (and reviews of them) in the merch ... read story
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Vinyl Collective has announced that Hot Topic will be reissuing Green Day's International Superhits on limited edition orange vinyl at the end of the month. This limited edition vinyl will be limited to 1500 copies and will only be ... read story
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This week, we've got some very practical eBay items to share with you. If you care about your iPhone, you probably have some sort of protective case on it. If you do, these Green Day-emblazoned ones are way better. If you don't currently ... read story
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We have marked down the Rage & Love Wristbands for the month of September by 20%, they're now available for $4 for the pair. Shipping in the US is only $1. We do ship worldwide, the average shipping cost for international orders is ... read story
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If you've visited our merch section lately, you may have seen a new "Books" category. It'll be a place for us to list all the Green Day books out there in one place. We currently have six titles listed. If you're looking for an ... read story
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Hot Topic is now selling a new Dookie-themed t-shirt at its stores and online. The t-shirt contains the album's cover art but without all the fun background ruckus, such as monkeys throwing poo. The t-shirt is essentially the same as one ... read story
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July 2014
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Jul 01:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released 23 years ago.
Jul 02:
Happy 20 year anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne.
Shenanigans was released 12 years ago.
Jul 12:
GDA celebrates it's 13 year anniversary today.