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Hornets Training Facility in Charlotte, NC
November 29, 1995
Other Acts:
The Riverdales
  • kneel: "I saw them on the same tour in '95, in Charlotte at the Hornets Training Facility."
  • Erin Mullen: "Since Green Day was (and still is) my favorite band I was so incredibly shocked (I was only 12 years old) I pretty much don't remember any order of the songs they played. I was in the front of the mosh pit, getting crushed, but I didn't care 'cause I was lucky enough to have Billie drool all over me. I do remember Billie playing his guitar with his tounge though and someone threw a firecracker on stage. The stage caught on fire and Green Day freaked out for a sec, but someone put it out. When the concert ended my dad asked a roadie for a pick, drumstick, or something. And really nice roadie got me a Tre's drumstick. That's probably because I was the youngest there. Then me and my dad tried to get backstage but the security guards kept saying: 'Go away.' Finally, like and half an hour after the show ended the guards went home and we just strolled backstage. Tre walked by, I was like: 'Oh my, Tre!' And he said: 'Hey, my wife's on the phone, if you don't freeze to death (It was like 30 degrees and all I had on was a turtleneck and a Green Day t-shirt) I'll be back!' So, about 10 minutes later, Billie walked by and we sit and talked for about 5 minutes, it was amazing, just standing there talking to Billie Joe, he shook my hand and held it for what seemed like forever. I was totally shocked. So he left to go to Adrienne. Then the really nice thing was Tre who had somehow gotten on the tour bus while we were talking to Billie, saw me standing there and came out to talk to me! He kinda grabbed a Sharpie out of my dad's shirt pocket, took me and spun me around and started writing on my shirt. I was freaking out because I was standing there, with tre cool hunched over my back saying how his wife's best friends name is Erin. He asked if I wanted to hang on the tour bus for a while. So I get up in there and Mike is there (I had run into him before in a tent like half an hour earlier. He's the easiest to talk to, I wasn't so starstruck by him). So I was sitting there on the bus with my dad and Green Day talking about record sales (my dad had a really cool music store at the time). Tre was sitting there saying to Mike, 'See, I told you so!' When me and my dad were on our way out, Tre said, 'So, have you ever been on a rock'n'roll bus before?' And I was like, 'Um, no... Uh-uh.' He was like, 'Cool, now you have. Do you wanna Rice Krispie Treat?' I still have that Rice Krispie treat, I never opened it."
Photos from Charlotte, NC
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