Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA
June 04, 2009
  • Los Angeles Times: "Over the course of its nearly 20-year career, Green Day has only grown more interested in the power and potential of its pop. During the punkish band's Thursday night performance at the Henry Fonda Theater, the trio repeatedly used rock's oldest tricks - sock-hop melodies, British Invasion swagger, pep-rally shouts - to make the counterculture seem more fun than the mainstream. The concert, one of several kick-the-tires warmup shows across the country before the trio mounts a full tour behind the ambitious new album 21st Century Breakdown, saw frontman Billie Joe Armstrong scuttling about the stage with an eagerness somewhere between James Brown and a riled-up badger. Bassist Mike Dirnt was all sinew in a muscle tee and spiky flat-top, and drummer Tre Cool's casual goofiness fit with his rambunctious fills. The band's left-leaning politics is a big part of its two most recent albums, but at the Fonda, Green Day preferred the shared joys of a loud megaphone to the specifics of any message coming through it. Great pop needs a big target, and with its new album, Green Day has returned to two of the biggest ones, boredom and heartbreak. The first half of the band's two-hour-plus set was essentially a recap of Breakdown's big moments."
Photos from Hollywood, CA
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1. 21st Century Breakdown
2. Know Your Enemy
3. East Jesus Nowhere
4. Before The Lobotomy
5. Last Of The American Girls
6. Murder City
7. Little Girl
8. The Static Age
9. 21 Guns
10. American Eulogy
11. See The Light
12. American Idiot
13. Jesus Of Suburbia
14. St. Jimmy
15. Longview
16. Brat
17. Going To Pasalacqua
18. Christie Road
19. Coming Clean
20. Dominated Love Slave
21. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
22. Basket Case
23. She
24. King For A Day
25. Shout (Isley Brothers cover)
26. Minority
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