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Los Robles Lodge in Santa Rosa, CA
October 31, 1989
Other Acts:
Victim's Family (headliner), Toast, Cliché Of Copulation, Double Ugly
  • Incomplete setlist
  • North Bay Bohemian: "Also, in 1989, a relatively unknown band called Green Day played in the hotel's banquet room."
  • Jerry Dela Cruz: "I was at that show. It was the first time I met my soon to be best friend Kathleen Fogarty Chaniot, you forgot one band called Double Ugly. Got punched in the face by a skinhead at that show."
  • Ralph Spight: "We played this show with them, Halloween 1989 in Santa Rosa. Victim's Family and Green Day. It was a benefit. And people wouldn't give Green Day ten bucks for gas to get home in their fucking VW van. This alleged benefit, and people left them stranded with their van."
  • City Sound: "Obviously, much has changed in Green Day's world since 1989. At that first show in Sonoma County, they made jokes about handing out hundreds of joints to the crowd, sold hand-silkscreened tuxedo shirts stolen from their high school marching band for $3, and had just one record - a fantastic Lookout 7” called 1,000 Hours that my friends and I listened to obsessively. We weren't alone - just a month later at the Los Robles Lodge in Santa Rosa, crowds stormed the stage to sing along haphazardly with Dry Ice into the band's michphones."
  • gorgonzola_man: "I saw them live before I even knew who they were in 1989 at the Los Robles Lodge on Halloween. But it was a copy of 39/Smooth that someone had on tape that made me a fan, and later on the CD came out with that and the other couple EP's, at which point they became one of my favorite bands. I like all of their albums except for 21st Century Breakdown."
  • Michael John Houghton: "The Halloween show at Los Robles Lodge, I believe it was '88 or '89. The shows mix together some, but I'm pretty sure that Victim's Family headlined, and Green Day and Toast opened. That was the first time I saw Green Day. I tore up my ankle that night (no break, but torn ligaments), and still hung out all night with my friends at Denny's afterward. I woke up the next morning with my ankle swollen to softball size and green-purple, and my dad took me to the emergency room."
  • Oak Leaf: "Halloween night the Los Robles Lodge was the odd setting for tricks, treats and a 'punky' kinda music for a good cause. The proceeds of this show went to the salvation army to help victims of the recent earthquake that 'rocked' California. The evening's entertainment of this benefit show began with a Santa Rosa based thrash band called Double Ugly whose participation concluded with some moronic metal-head jumping the stage and vomiting pink goo upon another idiot that violently slurped up the regurgitation like Cujo in a alcoholic rut. Next was the gropup Toast and their resident poet Cliché of Copulation followed by Berkeley based Green Day both of which were way hype, boyeee. The show climaxed with the sonic-jazzcore blast of Victims Family whose over an hour set proved to be one of the best they’ve ever played. A big thanx should be handed to Nena and Sasha who coordinated this benefit and to all 300 people who showed up to support this cause."
Photos from Santa Rosa, CA
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1. Dry Ice
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