17th Street Warehouse in Bloomington, IN
July 10, 1990
Other Acts:
Bunk House, Carbuncle
  • "Biggest band in smallest place was Green Day play a punk show in Bloomington, Indiana on their first tour really outside of California. They weren't 21 as a buddy of mine got them some beer and they crashed at a local punk party house."
  • Jeanne Smith: "A brush with stardom. I was in the little Big Red Liquor Store on West 17th Street. A kid came up to me and complimented my Bikesmiths 'Beefy Tee' shirt. Then he told me, 'My band is playing in this garage across the street. It is an all ages club. We are Green Day and we are going to be famous. Do you want to trade T-Shirts?' I looked at his, it was simple white, really thin, 50/50 cotton /polyester. It had a one color (purple design) of someone pushing a vacuum cleaner. I thought to myself sarcastically, 'Yeah, right', but I was so flattered by his liking my shirt, I said, 'Okay.' Being guys, we took off our shirts and traded right there. I don't think I ever wore it but that one time and I am sure I have it around here someplace. I googled and could not find an image of one of these shirts online. I wonder how many were printed. I wonder who locally saw this gig? I always figured it must have been their first tour, today that seems to be what I have found. It was a couple years later, camped in Michigan I heard Green Day mentioned on the radio and thought, That kid was right, they did become famous."
Photos from Bloomington, IN
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