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Evergreen State College, TESC Housing in Olympia, WA
January 13, 1991
Other Acts:
Giant Henry, Brent's TV, Fitz of Depression, Witchypoo
  • Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Kathleen Hanna were in attendance
  • John Kiffmeyer played drums
  • Maximumrocknroll #121: "The most well-known punk (or "grunge") bands that have played somewhere on campus have been Fugazi, Nirvana, and Green Day, who played in the modular housing."
  • James Maeda: "This show was written about in Pulp Zine #4. Sounds like it was fun!"
  • yaledelay: "I know that Unwound played with Green Day in dorm room as Vern [Rumsey] from Unwound told me a funny story about it, back when Unwound was crossing the nation in the late '90s."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "We were playing Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, like in 1991 and him [Kurt Cobain] and Kathleen Hanna were up front getting drunk. We were playing, like, someone's house, like a co-op or something. It was before Nirvana blew up. At that point, they put out Bleach and a couple of singles from Sub Pop."
  • John Quittner: "By far the most memorable show of that tour had to be a party at a house at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, with the house packed and the floor bouncing up and down until you really thought it would give out, John being carried aloft by the crowd throughout the set, amps on fire. This was Green Day, Brents TV, Fitz of Depression, Giant Henry - who became Unwound later - and Witchypoo. That was how I fell in love with Olympia. I moved there later and still live there. Kurt Cobain was there too, but as with Green Day it was pre-showbiz era and didn't seem especially noteworthy."
  • Brandt Sandeno: "We were all avid record collectors and were fans of several Lookout! bands of the day. I remember Operation Ivy and Crimpshrine being favorites among them. We played a Giant Henry show with Green Day and Brent's TV at the Evergreen State College - Nirvana was also slated on the bill, but never showed up. The show was great. This was where we eventually met our longtime friend John Quittner, and zine author Aaron Cometbus. Aaron actually was a roadie/drum tech/tour manager for a small leg of the tour."
  • "This show was held at the dorm on the campus of Evergreen State College. We met Green Day and Brent's TV on their way through, and we ask them to please play on the way back down... And with no hesistation they said, 'No problem.' We scurried around to find a place to play... And after looking at all possibilities, we found a dorm room at TESC. Witchypoo played a long, good set. Slim ate a burrito while he sang, 'I guess he missed dinner.' When Witchypoo finished we decided we wanted to make sure the headlining bands played. As I'm sure you know THE MAN (the police) often busts parties. Anyhow, Brent's TV played to a packed dorm room. Pogoing everywhere; everyone caught on and was having a great time. John (lead vocals) got lifted up and pushed around on top of everyone for awhile. They are a great live band. You should write them and encourage them not to break up, 'cuz they are contemplating it. Green Day went on next. Everyone began to sing along. If I would have had a girlfriend the show would have been better rough. You need to have a girlfriend at a Green Day show. Well, they blew the guitar amp that Giant Henry gave them to use and they felt really bad. They did mime stand up comedy when they were waiting for Calvin to get them an amp... Let me tell you that I hate bands that won't loan their equipment. I'm not gonna mention names, but there were bands there that wouldn't loan their amp to Green Day. Green Day ended up with a little talk about the then new WAR and were on their way. We offered both the bands money, but they refused. What a bunch of Kool Kats! The rest of the bands played... And they were great. The police didn't come and everyone was happy."
Photos from Olympia, WA
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