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The Hangout in Beloit, WI
April 30, 1991
Other Acts:
The Stench
  • Gary Rieffer: "We met them after the show and Billie Joe was a tool. And I remember the light falling and hitting Jim in the noggin."
  • Chad Mullen: "That's me on stage, I sat there for the set. I thought it would be punk to put on my brother's L.A. Guns shirt on. I went to the show with Ryan Chadwick, because I think Mike R. was grounded. It was at night time."
  • Christina Kurschner: "This was in April of 1991 with The Stench and Jim Truesdal was the light victim. Funny thing is, the Denzil's sign and meet was their idea. Huh? I got Stench photos and video of the show and records, yes vinyl..."
  • Julianna Peterson: "Road trip. Amy was so annoying. The show was good. 'Juli Peterson, right?' - Chad Berg. Andrea was right up front as usual. A light fell on some dude's head, it was kind of funny. Stench were late because they had a flat tire. Green Day were assholes. They didn't show up to sign autographs at Denzil's."
  • TheOtherSamWISE: "A friend that I know in one of my classes got to go see them at this show. He said it started off with like 5 people, and the rest of the crowd was getting drunk outside. Eventually more people showed up and then the show took off. But after the show the band stayed at his buddy's 'party house' where they proceed to get drunk. My friend said before he passed out from being too drunk, he remembers Billie running around and stealing beers!"
  • Barb Aura: "This show was the first yelling altercation I had with Billie Joe. They were *supposed* to go to Denzil's before the show for album signing and meet the local fans. No show, no call. Instead, they set up at The Hangout. Before they began playing, BJ got on the mic and started ranting that autographs were bullshit and that no one should ever shop at Denzil's Music Emporium because it was 'corporate bullshit'. Well... I took a breath and asked him to talk outside after the show. After many loud & heated words, I made it clear that Denzil's was the ONLY place in Beloit which was NOT corporately owned. Independent record store to the extreme. The only other place was Musicland. He had just fucked over my small place of employment in an attempt at derailing corporate structure! He apologized after that, and all was good. Also, their roadie was a nice guy... His name is James Washburn aka Brainstew. Hence the song. He hosted me at his grandparents' home when I first visited the Bay Area at 17."
Photos from Beloit, WI
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