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Crazy Horse in Boise, ID
October 11, 1992
Other Acts:
  • Green Day not-hater: "Remember when Green Day played at the Crazy Horse? Okay, I know that's not really old school, but still. I was there. This was maybe '92ish. Can't remember for sure. The singer spit on the ceiling and waited for it to fall back down into his mouth."
  • Anonymous: "They also played the Crazy Horse in like '92. They were silk-screening out of the back of their van. Billie Joe spit on the ceiling and caught it in his mouth as it dripped off."
  • "Now, don't get too accustomed to these old fliers but I have another. This is actually from a show I never made it to due to multiple unhappy occurrences, not the least of which was being grounded from my car and my dad's birthday party (I still curse the fact I never made it, and that I missed seeing TrĂ© Cool dump a plate of spaghetti on my best friend's head after the show). This show was back in 1992 when they were touring for their new album "Kerplunk!", yeah, that's way back before they were playing super-stadiums (do you see that price, $6! I paid more than that in Ticketmaster fees for my Lollapalooza tickets), and still sucked as musicians, which is how I prefer them. Next month I get to redeem myself and see them headline at Lollapalooza 10, but I still regret not skipping out and going to the show back when they were young and rowdy and unknown."
Photos from Boise, ID
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