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Abstract Bookstore in New Orleans, LA
August 19, 1991
  • Utah Saints: "Reminds me that I was one of about 200 people that showed up to a Green Day show at the Abstract Bookstore..."
  • Antigravity Magazine: "...What I did enjoy about this book was all the great memories it brought back about my younger days: seeing Green Day play their first New Orleans show at the Abstract Bookstore..."
  • Paulp: "...Green Day actually played and had their van stolen after the show. No joke. This is a true story. I think that is why they came back to help us out. Green Day came back here last year to look for their van."
  • unfriendly1: "I also know for sure it was real close to RC Bridge Lounge, which was booking lots of shows during that era. And the RC was right across the street from that halfway house / artist / junkie hangout called the Abstract Cafe that Green Day played at during their 1st tour."
  • "Someone broke into the van and stole all their bags and the cash they'd earned so far. With no money for gas and no extra clothes, Green Day crew drove through the night to their next stop, the college town of Auburn, Alabama. They played in a living room for a few dozen punks and students,who donated clothes and money to keep the tour going. Meeting such generous people at such a low point was a humbling experience for the band."
  • Jeremy: "...I saw Green Day play in 1991 in a garage in New Orleans in front of maybe 20 people, they later got robbed at the corner store two blocks away. That's New Orleans for you. Oh, I just remembered, some kid was crawling on the tin roof of the garage while Green Day was playing and fell through the ceiling, broke a leg or arm or something, can't quite remember. What a crazy night that was! That was at a place called the Abstract Bookstore, it was a house/bookstore/punk hangout/all-ages venue (garage out back) ... in one of the worst ghettos in New Orleans."
Photos from New Orleans, LA
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