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Rock-Film Festival, Unknown in San Luis Obispo, CA
April 20, 1992
Other Acts:
Beck, Bean, others
  • Flipside: "A couple of weeks prior to doing this big Pacific Northwest/Canada kinda tour, Green Day came down for the weekend to play shows in San Luis Obispo and Hollywood..."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "...We just played in San Luis Obispo. At this Rock-Film festival. ...We played with this band that was kind of Teenage Fanclub kind of thing. ...First time Green Day played with Beck was 1992... He busked in front of a DIY show in San Louis Obispo. He was weird, brilliant, and a true artist."
  • Mustang News: "Ever heard of U2, REM, Collective Soul, Green Day and Beck? This is just a small sample of bands who made it big because of college radio support. I still remember the small shows Green Day played for us here in San Luis Obispo and how Beck crashed on our couches because he couldn't afford a hotel room."
  • Steve Moramarco: "We went up to San Luis Obispo for a few shows - one was for the radio station [KCPR] for Cal Poly. Hill of Beans was big there, so they let me bring Bean. I liked Beck and his music and was always trying to help him get heard, so I asked if I could bring Beck with me. They said yes. That was a great all-day show, with Green Day also on the bill. Green Day were really cool folks and invited Bean to play with them on a few occasions after that."
Photos from San Luis Obispo, CA
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