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The Cruel Elephant in Vancouver, BC
January 10, 1991
Other Acts:
Brent's TV
  • John Kiffmeyer played drums
  • Aron Shute: "...the first Green Day show where there were about 30 people who made it down in a snowstorm..."
  • Aaron Cometbus: "Green Day did one more tour with Al on drums and me as the roadie. Unfortunately, my most vivid memory of it is not a generous one. Billie, Mike, and I were on our way from Vancouver to Seattle, two hours over the border on the American side. None of us have eaten all day, and none of us had a cent of U.S. currency. The band fund was with Al, who was riding with the opening band. Suddenly they pulled up alongside us on the highway, laughing while they shoved piles of food into their mouths. They hit the gas, and passed us. Pissed, we drove back to Seattle and dug up the pot we had buried before crossing into Canada. We smoked out in the Jack-in-the-Box parking lot, hoping that the drugs would appease our hunger. Of course, they only made it worse."
  • Jon Quittner: "It was also my first trip over the border into Canada. During an interview with Nardwuar on CITR radio in Vancouver, a female caller insisted upon a date with Billie and came to the show in Vancouver and the show in Victoria and somehow became ever-present. I remember her belief that she and Billie needed to record a duet of Blackbird. She did find us a place to stay in Victoria, in a house where the residents hated and resented our presence. We referred to her as Snoko - like, Yoko of the snow. Anyway I don't know if that was Billie's very first stalker but it was definitely one of them. Also in Vancouver, me and Virgil packed Green Day's car in ice and snow during their set. It froze overnight, and when they received a call at 6AM insisting that they move it because it was in the hotel manager's parking spot, they received an impossible frozen surprise."
Photos from Vancouver, BC
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