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The Rails in London, England
December 19, 1991
Other Acts:
Thatcher On Acid
  • Kerrang!: "...along with few other places no one can remember, Euston Rails on London's Euston Station concourse!"
  • Caught In The Crossfire: "They flew over to the UK, picked up a shitty van and played Euston Rails to about 100 people for their first UK show."
  • Keith Goodenough: "Went to a few of these, think it was in '92, saw a little known band called Green Day at the Rails club (tiny venue that was in a train station) around this time too with Thatcher on Acid supporting I believe. Bought Kerplunk from Billie Joe as the band were selling the album on the stairs."
  • feek2000: "I saw them at the Euston Rails club in London in 1991 when Keplunk was released, bought it off of Billie Joe who was selling the LP on the stairs of the club. Great gig, saw them the year after at the ULU, I believe then they blew up. Great band live, but could never see them in an arena, just not the same."
  • Art Of The State: "Tomorrow night's going to be a bit weird. I'm off to see Green Day with my thirteen year old son at Arsenal's Emirates stadium. That's not unusual in itself except for the fact that the last time I saw Green Day in London in the early 1990's it was at an entirely different (and much smaller) venue - the Britannia Bar on Euston Station. Roll back to the 1990's and this bar on the concourse of Euston station was called 'Rails' or something and looked a bit down on its luck. Ideal for a touring punk band's first London gig in fact. And that is how Green Day, now one of the biggest bands on the planet, got to play there and wow the pretty small crowd with their on stage antics including one of the most WTF what was that all about spitting games. So tomorrow night it's going to be a bit weird, hearing them play some of the same songs to what I guess will be a five figure crowd, in the same city accompanied by my son who wasn't even thought of last time I saw them. And I very much doubt I'll be buying their CD off the band at the end of the show like last time either."
Photos from London, England
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