Distortion Festival, Wollaton Park in Nottingham, England
July 20, 2002
Other Acts:
A, Capdown, Hundred Reasons, Idlewild, Iggy Pop, Levellers, Raging Speehorn, Rival Schools, The Wildhearts, Spunge, Face To Face
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Luke Seagrave: "The stage was then set for the headliners - Green Day. Love them or hate them, but they know how to put on a brilliant performance. They opened with Maria using pyrotechnic explosions to give the people right at the back a chance to have some visual stimulation. Their set list consisted of a greatest hits theme. The only exception was that they missed out Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) from their set list. But all the other hits were included: Minority, Basket Case, Knowledge, and When I Come Around to name just a few."
  • David Flint: "Green Day have a lot to follow after a storming set from the Iggy, and frankly, they're not up to the task. Perhaps if the band concentrated on playing an hour of pop-punk favourites (we know they can do it) rather than filling the stage with rabbit costumes things would be better. As it is, when the band do their shtick of inviting members of the crowd onstage to play a tune, what might have been a fun interlude just seems an endless slice of contrived nonsense (if this was a one-off, it'd be fine, but they do it all the time) that effectively grinds the show to a complete halt. Ah well... at least the rain stopped."
Photos from Nottingham, England
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1. Maria
2. Minority
3. Basket Case
4. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
5. When I Come Around
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