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Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI
November 25, 1994
Other Acts:
Pansy Division
  • Incomplete setlist
  • riversideroo: "Green Day – Cobo Hall, Detroit 1994 (Dookie Tour, high energy and my fondest memory of what the floor was like at a show in 1990's)"
  • Chris Grebinski-Policicchio: "All I have is the ticket stub I just got Billie to sign last month. It's crazy though. Like there is no record of that show anywhere. Good thing for the stub and my memories I guess. I found a close setlist and remember them covering 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. One vivid memory. Billie says, 'Anyone know a word that rhymes with orange?' I will never forget that. We were all like, 'Um... No.''
  • San Francisco Weekly: "...The worst night was in Detroit's sold-out Cobo Hall. There, more than 20,000 people drowned out Pansy Division's entire act with a half-hour of nonstop booing. "You could actually see battles being fought in the audience between the small pockets of people loving it and everyone else throwing up their middle finger, having none of it," Ginoli says. "The few people who dared to applaud got picked on by the rest of the crowd, and we just got pelted with everything. I did get a nice backpack out of it, and $40 in coins. It was by far our most lucrative night."
  • Brian: "It's 1994, and fifteen-year-old Michigan lad named Brian just found out that Green Day is coming to town. This excites him greatly - so much so that he and his brother wait outside of the nearest Ticketmaster location for a few hours for tickets. Would you believe they didn't have online purchase back then? We're talking caveman times. The tickets were impossibly cheap - around ten dollars each, even after the TicketMaster charges. What a steal! Brian goes back to high school, fidgeting and fussing. That Green Day show is just around the corner. It'll be any day now. He tells everyone, whether they care or not. 'This is going to be awesome.' The day of the show finally arrives. With his parents and his older brother, they arrive at the venue. On the way in, a photocopied flier gets put in Brian's hand. "Join the Green Day Idiot Club." Yes. That sounds lovely. After begging for money from his parents (fifteen-year-olds aren't exactly swimming in dollar bills), he sends in the check. A while later, he gets the Idiot Club package: Temporary tattoo, sticker, patch, shirt, and a few other odds and ends. Flash forward to 2011: Brian and his new wife move in together. At his parents' old house, Brian goes through some old clothes and finds the Idiot Club shirt, worn and yellowed from age, but still a treasured relic of his past."
  • Ken Settle: "Right before I took this shot, a stage diving fan had just knocked me down off of the foot stool I was standing on. When I picked myself up, my nose was stinging and I had this peculiar, overwhelming smell of relish that I couldn't shake. I felt some dampness under my nose, and thought maybe I'd gotten a bloody nose from the hit I took, I touched my nose with my fingers and looked at it, expecting blood. What in the world? It was RELISH! Just then I spied a flattened relish packet right beside where the collision took place. It seems the stage-diver landed on it at just the precise angle and timing, so as to send the contents of the relish pack shooting up my nose!"
Photos from Detroit, MI
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1. Longview
2. When I Come Around
3. Welcome To Paradise
4. Basket Case
5. She
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