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The Star Club in Tampa, FL
August 24, 1991
Other Acts:
Awake, Highchair, Last To Go
  • Recordings from the show can be found here
  • The Tampa Tribune: "Green Day, Awake, Last To Go and High Chair, Saturday, 9 p.m. 1708 Seventh Ave., Tampa; (813) 247-3026"
  • kevin_can_wait: "I hung out with them in Aug '91 down in Ybor. They shared their beer with me. They invited me to their show at Star Club that night. I was an instant fan. I still remember when I saw their video on MTV. Shocked!"
  • bonelust_at_gato_ranch: "So you know exactly what I'm talking about! My BFF's band opened for this show and they were staying with them. Total dirty van touring punk band sleeping on the floor. When they went major label and then blew up I was a bit in awe. Kind of felt like it had all been an act. Never even listened to Dookie. Only heard what you can't escape on the radio. Sometimes my alarm goes off in the morning and they're playing and I just have to roll my eyes and turn it off. That's the only time I briefly hear what's on the radio."
  • keithzak: "I went to that Star Club show too. They were really great. Now every time I look at them I cringe. I'll also never forgive them for that godawful 'I hope you had the time of your life' song. You could fucking torture prisoners with that shit."
  • "...they played the Star Club, which was right in Ybor on 7th, and there was a big crowd for that. I think Slap of Reality played with them. Or maybe Awake!"
  • Dawn: "Wow... This really takes me back in time. The first time I saw Green Day live was August 1991 in Tampa, FL at The Star Club. I'll never forget that night. It was wild. Some guy that was crowdsurfing kicked me right in the mouth and I had braces back then, so my mouth bled pretty bad. What was worse is my boyfriend tried to beat the guy's ass for doing it. I guess Billie could tell there was about to be a fight, because he asked us if everything was cool back there. It was a crazy night. The place was packed wall to wall and it was so fucking hot in there it was unreal. Also my boyfriend freaked the fuck out when he saw Tre kiss Billie Joe. He wanted to leave and I was like, 'Bye, see ya. I ain't going nowhere.' He was such a narrow-minded jerk, but he stayed of course. It was a hole-in-the-wall club, nothing fancy, but it was a fucking blast, though. ...I felt at home for the first time. I don't know if you can understand what I mean by that but for the first time in my life I felt free to be me. I was jumping around and loving it. Later that night I got kicked in the mouth by a crowd surfer and I had just got my braces put on my teeth and my mouth bled pretty bad, but I didn't care, I was having too much fun. My boyfriend on the other hand, didn't take is so well and he wanted to kick the guy's ass that kicked me in the mouth. I was trying to break it up before the fight got bad and just then I heard Billie Joe over the microphone asking if everything was alright (or something to that effect) and they stopped fighting. Then Tre walked up and kissed Billie and my boyfriend flipped. He said, 'Come on, let's get out of here, I don't want to hear a bunch of faggots play.' I told him he was a narrow-minded jerk and if he didn't like it he could leave by himself because I was staying. But of course he stayed, but he wasn't happy about it and later that night I broke up with him anyway. LOL! I know this may be more than you were asking but I figured you might want to hear the whole story. About 2 months before that show I heard Green Day for the first time. One of my friends played me one of their records (his dad lives in Oakland and he spent his summers there) and I was instantly so drawn to their sound and lyrics I could relate to. It was kind of one those 'aha' moments in life that are so rare. I was mesmerized by Green Day's music. I had him make me some cassettes and I about wore them out. Then a few months later I was on vacation with my family and boyfriend in Tampa and I just so happen to come across a flyer saying "Green Day Playing." To me it was like fate. My boyfriend and I went to the concert. It was a hole-in-the-wall club, but I looked around and thought to myself, 'I don’t need to fit into some clique at school because I had found my nitch right here with all the people in that club.' Green Day was playing, we all had a blast."
Photos from Tampa, FL
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1. I Was There
2. Don't Leave Me
3. At The Library
4. Only Of You
5. Disappearing Boy
6. Christie Road
7. Words I Might Have Ate
8. 16
9. Paper Lanterns
10. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
11. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
12. 1,000 Hours
13. Going To Pasalacqua
14. Road To Acceptance
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