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U-Gene's in Pico Rivera, CA
January 26, 1991
Other Acts:
Blatz, Mother Fist
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Lou Diesel: "I was there with you, Billy. $1 to get in. There was like 20 people there that night..."
  • lushhjay: "Blatz supported on that show. My first trip to LA! A lot of Flipside people showed up at that show. Packed out!"
  • Bill Plaster: "Here's one I took on Green Day's first trip down to Southern California. They played U-Gene's in Pico Rivera with MTX and either Filth or Blatz (I forget)."
  • Larry Livermore: "Maybe it was only because I was "partying" so much, but I don't remember ever seeing them play Rest live. I sure don't think they played it that night in Pico Rivera, either."
  • Flipside #71: "...U-Genes show with Green Day, Blatz and Mother Fist. I missed Green Day whom I really wanted to see... "
  • I Am 138: "Haha, you're funny. Seen Green Day do that song [Rest] dozens of times back in the day, when all they had was a single or two to peddle... My favorite show was when they played at a Lookout Records night at Ugene's in Pico Rivera, CA. Larry Livermore & the crew sure know how to party... Whew! What a night!"
  • Gillian G. Gaar, 'Green Day: Rebels With A Cause': "When they toured closer to home, dedicated fans like Eric Yee traveled to see them. 'The first time I saw them far away I went with Blatz,' he recalls. 'They were supposed to play three shows together. One was in LA, sort of near Knott's Berry Farm, a place called Eugene's.' After seeing Blatz playing at another club the night before the Blatz/Green Day shows, everyone headed for Hollywood. 'We were in this camper with these two huge dogs,' says Yee. 'It was me, my friend Jesse, my friend Kevin, Joey [the drummer for Blatz], and Eggplant's stepmom. We were hanging out on the strip and we ran into Green Day. You remember those magazines covers that you could get your picture on? They got theirs on High Times! It was really funny. The next night, when we got to the show, we saw Green Day's van there, and we thought, let's go see them. So we open the doors, and there they were, hanging out with a bunch of girls in their van. We ended up going spray painting. We had this really cheap spray paint, and we just spray painted shit everywhere. We sprayed, 'East Bay, Not LA.''"
Photos from Pico Rivera, CA
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