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Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College Of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland
December 10, 1991
Other Acts:
  • Kenny Lockhart: "Saw Green Day at the Wee Red Bar in Ediburgh, with about 50 other folk."
  • Christy Colcord: "...no one showing up in Edinburgh... For those who are interested, the least we got paid was Edinburgh at ...£21! Ha!"
  • froggy1973: "Green Day. Great band, saw them at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh School of Art on their first tour over here."
  • Lorne Thomson: "I also caught Green Day playing to about 10 people and a dog at Edinburgh Art College but they weren't famous at that point."
  • Is This Music?: "The Wee Red has in the past seen acts such as Art Brut, Jawbone and the Mystery Jets grace its small stage, and more significantly, had Green Day and the Proclaimers perform (eat your heart out King Tut's)."
  • Jim Barron: "I saw Green Day at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh in December 1991 when they were on their first tour of the UK there are various accounts on the crowd size there ranging from 10 to 50, however I remember vividly from the night that the promoter was telling us that there were only 36 ticket sales! After the gig the band hung around drinking with us all, and this is a true story, but after consuming too much cider snakebites I was in the toilets throwing up (I was only 16 mind!) when the bass player Mike Dirnt was holding my hair back for me, and yes, I had long hair back then!"
  • Glasgow Music City Tours: "As Edinburgh Music Tours gear up for launch on Saturday 16th June, we look back at one of Edinburgh’s more unlikely gigs: Green Day at the Wee Red Bar. These days, the American punk band have sold some 85 million records; been awarded five Grammys and seen the stage adaptation of their American Idol album become a global success. The band were less of a big noise in December of 1991 when they played the Wee Red Bar, the student union at Edinburgh College of Art. In fact, depending on who you speak to, the audience that night ranged from ten people and a dog to a crowd of fifty. One account has the promoter saying they sold 36 tickets and a source close to the band reckoned that their Edinburgh gig was the least lucrative of that particular tour of Europe. Apparently, they made the princely sum of £21. Mind you, tickets were only £3.50 for ‘workers’ and £3 for ‘scroungers’. Support that evening was Decline, a band from Wigan. And no, we don’t know what became of them. While the gig may have been sparely attended, the band still displayed a very punk rock sense of all being in it together. One young shaver recalls that the band hung around after the show and had a few drinks with their fans. It was all very friendly. In fact, everyone got on so well that bass player Mike Dirnt kindly held the fan’s long hair back as he regurgitated the evening’s snakebite. I’ll bet that doesn’t happen at today’s Green Day tours. Colvin Cruickshank has been managing the Wee Red Bar for longer than anyone cares to remember and he kindly sent us a scan of the Green Day gig poster. While the Wee Red Bar is indeed wee, it has hosted plenty of other bands who went on to become massive."
Photos from Edinburgh, Scotland
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