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You can purchase Green Day's new single, Working Class Hero, by clicking here.

The recording is amazing. It starts off with just Billie Joe and a guitar, the music builds up and grows into a very powerful mid-section. The song ends with the last couple lines from the original John Lennon recording. Very awesome. it's just under 4.5 minutes long.

A longer preview of the song has been posted on our 'Working Class Hero ' page. I also posted up the lyrics on that page, as well as in our Lyrics section (under "W").
According to NME, the Working Class Hero single will be released tomorrow instead of today as we orginally thought. Some radio stations across the country are playing the song today though.As soon as it comes out, we'll have a longer ... read story
Working Class Hero will be released on April 30th, and will be available on iTunes. We've setup a page with info and a short preview of the song. Click the image below to visit it. Update 9:28PM: We just got word in that Green Day will ... read story
At the beginning of the year, I took off the daily quotes above the news; mostly because I ran out of quotes and didn't have time to sift through a ton of articles looking for good quotes. Well, obviously they're back up. A new quote ... read story is raffling off a 'Sweet Children' 7" Vinyl EP. Tickets to enter are $10 each, with part of the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity.Green Day landed at #20 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 25 Songs With A Secret. From the ... read story
The autographed Gibson guitar we mentioned in the last update was sold yesterday for $5,000!! Very awesome.A lot of you have been emailing us about an article on Ultimate-Guitar saying that Green Day was releasing three new albums in 2008. ... read story
Mike's signature Bass guitar is being released in a Squier P Bass model, and is set to arrive April 27th. It's currently priced at $249, which is much more affordable than the original Precision Bass ($699). - Click here for details to to ... read story has posted up the 3rd and final day of the Armstrongs and company in New Orleans. The last batch of photos from there have been put up in the Picture Vault.A short quote from Billie's post: I want to come back and build again. ... read story posted up Day 2 of Billie and family in New Orleans. Here's an excerpt from Billie Joe's post:Another special moment today was the ice cream truck passing by. All the kids (and grownups) ran the truck down for a hot afternoon ... read story
Billie Joe and his family are in New Orleans volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. They are posting updates & pictures about it on the Green Day MySpace. Here is Billie Joe's update for today:Today we worked at the upper 9th ward. I hung ... read story
We finally have some more GDA Stickers up for sale. As usual they are $1, and this is the sticker we have available. We are only accepting online payments (cred/debit and PayPal). The last batch we had sold well, so I plan on keeping these ... read story
Happy Easter! What better way to celebrate today than with Green Day decorated eggs? We already have a few up in the picture vault. If you decorate a Green Day egg, take a picture and email it to us, Please ... read story
Happy 20th Birthday to the always sexy Tyke ... read story
A botanist from Switzerland emailed the NRDC to let them know of a plant he and his students discovered and named after Green Day. The plant, named Macrocarpaea dies-viridis (dies-viridis is Latin for Green Day), was found in February 2006 ... read story
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