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HUGE news for all of us outside of California looking to see Green Day (well in the United States and Canada that is)! The Official Website just posted the tour dates for the first leg of the 21st Century Breakdown Tour. And now, without furthur delay, the moment a lot of you have been waiting for....

All dates will be kept updated on the tour page.

July 2009
3rd Seattle, WA
4th Vancouver, BC
6th Edmonton, AB
7th Saskatoon, SAS
9th Winnipeg, MAN
10th Fargo, ND
11th Minneapolis, MN
13th Chicago, IL
14th Detroit, MI
16th Hamilton, ONT
17th Ottawa, ONT
18th Montreal, QUE
20th Boston, MA
21st Philadelphia, PA
22nd Pittsburgh, PA
24th Hartford, CT
25th Albany, NY
27th New York, NY
29th Washington, DC
31st Nashville, TN

August 2009
1st Atlanta, GA
3rd Tampa, FL
4th Miami, FL
5th Orlando, FL
7th New Orleans, LA
8th Houston, TX
9th San Antonio, TX
11th St. Louis, MO
12th Kansas City, MO
13th Omaha, NE
15th Denver, CO
16th Salt Lake City, UT
18th San Jose, CA
20th San Diego, CA
21st Las Vegas, NV
22nd Phoenix, AZ
24th Sacramento, CA
25th Los Angeles, CA

We will let you know when tickets go on sale. All venues are TBA right now. Green Day will be touring UK/Europe in the fall. Those dates have not been announced yet.

According to Zane Lowe's Blog, Green Day will be playing a session on May 5th on BBC Radio 1 UK. See that first comment on the blog, about Green Day retiring? Yeah, that one. Feel free to tell that motherfucker off.
The b-side for "Know Your Enemy" was released a couple days ago on CD in Germany. The song sounds incredible, very old school Green Day vibe to it. The song will be available for download online soon, and will hopefully be on the single CD ... read story
There's a wonderful new interview with Billie Joe from Spinner.com. He talks about why he used names in this album like Christian and Gloria, the TV shows he's addicated to, what actors he'd choose to play the characters from the album, and ... read story
Green Day will be playing for a week straight on Last Call with Carson Daly in June. Exact dates were not released, just the general time-line for June. For the single release, Sydney radio station Nova 96.9 has a short video interview ... read story
Radio stations all over the world are finally playing Know Your Enemy, and you can find it on iTunes here. You can pre-order the album from iTunes, and it comes with 2 bonus songs, and you'll get the single today. Or, if you prefer, you ... read story
A lot of people are asking, when the hell is the Know Your Enemy single coming? It was confirmed that the single will be available for download on iTunes and Amazon today, yet Amazon says it will be available on April 17th. No sign of it ... read story
There's yet another Green Day secret show tonight at Uptown in Oakland, CA. The cost is $20, cash only, no presale. The doors open at 8:00PST and the show starts at 10:00PST. According to DJ Rosstar and Live 105, the line has already ... read story
Welcome back. Is everyone who stayed up really late with me all rested up and ready for the day? Yeah, me neither.I reported last night on my Twitter that the photos are still pouring in. They are, and as I've promised I added more to ... read story
Hey everyone! Hopefully, we'll get to go participate soon in all the Green Day excitement first hand like the lucky folks in the East Bay, CA. C'mon Green Day, give us east coasters some love! Better yet, let's get this world tour on its ... read story
Green Day's next show is tonight in Oakland at the Fox Theater. I get to go! I couldn't be more excited!! While i don't expect we'll be able to take any pictures, I'll update before and after the show on twitter. Full review on Wednesday ... read story
MTV.com posted up a short behind the scenes video for "Know Your Enemy". The video will premiere April 24 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, VH1, The N and MTV Networks' HD channel, Palladia -- plus MTV and VH1's international channels ... read story
We've seen a lot of comments from people focusing attention on the fact that "American Eulogy : Mass Hysteria" has the word "nigger" in it. The punch line is a natural disasterAnd it's sung by the unemployedBecause the martyr is a ... read story
GreenDay.com has posted up the track list and lyrics for the new album. The official site has all the lyrics broken up into their own pages, with some artwork accompanying each one. For a standard page with just the lyrics, visit this page. ... read story
There are 8 new promo shots of Green Day that have been released. They were taken by photographer Marina Chavez, who took this picture and this picture of Billie Joe and Adrienne back in 2006. . We've posted them all up in the Picture Vault ... read story
The New York times wrote up this piece about last nights show. When mentioning the news songs they say the "often melancholy songs chronicle the lives of a young couple living in the first, tumultuous years of this century". Here's another ... read story
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