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Green Day are in the Issue 90/August 2007 edition of Big Cheese Magazine. It's a PUNK: '77-'07 Collector's Edition featuring bands such as Green Day, The Living End, and The Clash. According to haushinkapritchard on the forum, Billie Joe says "they have lots of songs but they just need to figure out how to put them together to make an album and he has no fucking clue when it will be released." That sucks, but all great things take time.

There is a preview of The Simpsons Movie at Screenjabber, here. WARNING: If you do not want to read spoilers about the movie, do not click on this link. This has been beaten to death, but make sure you go see the movie July 27th when it opens.

Andres is having a little trouble with his internet. He thinks it should be back up in about a week. Just so you know, in case he's not answering his e-mail from you, he's not ignoring you. Or is he? Hrmmm.....
Green Day's cover of "Working Class Hero" was rated number 54 in the New York Post's 100 Best Covered Songs of All Time."Billie Joe Armstrong-fresh from ranting about the "American Idiot"- is the pitch-perfect voice to cover Lennon's fok ... read story
There is an article that mentions Green Day on the upcoming soundtrack to The Simpsons Movie. Read the article here at The Hollywood Reporter. Thanks to Joey for the link.Bored? Check out our forum or add us to Myspace ... read story
Green Day made #19 on Spinner's 20 Protest Songs That Matter list with Minority. In which rambunctious Billie Joe Armstrong goes explicitly political, pledging eternal allegiance to society's misfits, the downtrodden and the outnumbered. ... read story
Sorry guys, there hasn't been much news to report lately.Ozzy Osbourne thinks American Idiot is "fucking brillant" as well. I always knew he was awesome. Read about it here, when he lists his top five favorite hard rock bands at Spinner ... read story
First off, the GDA staff would like to thank everyone for their happy birthday/anniversary wishes yesterday. And also thanks a lot to the people from the forum for all the great banners.There was a small mention of Green Day in the July 16 ... read story
On this day, 6 years ago, I launched the website known as The Green Day Authority. As we do every year we have an anniversary, I'd like to thank all you guys and my team for making this site the greatest Green Day fan site on the Internet ... read story
Green Day were ranked at #4 on Live Earth's list of the top 15 Environmentally Friendly Bands. There are 2 small articles about it at MSN and Net Music Countdown.This morning on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ, they played a short preview ... read story
The forum is now back online ... read story
Our forum will be offline for the next few hours as we do some maintenance. Updates will be posted here as needed ... read story
As the release of The Simpsons movie comes closer (July 27th), I'd expect we'd hear more about Green Day's cameo in the movie. Apparently, "Green Day is booed and pelted when it starts speaking about the environment to a Springfield crowd ... read story
Happy Independence Day, USA! The Adeline Army is having a contest on Buzznet giving away a bunch of free merchandise. Click here for all the details on entering. Our fourth round of entries have been posted up for voting in the WCH Contest ... read story
Many of you wrote in to let us know that in the new Transformers movie, you can see a "nimrod." poster in the room of the main character, Sam. I haven't seen the movie yet, but everyone who wrote in to us also mentioned that it kicked ass. ... read story
The third round of voting for our Working Class Hero contest have been posted ... read story
The second batch of entries have been posted up for voting in our 'Working Class Hero' audio contest. You can listen and vote on the entries right here. I gotta admit, all of these are really impressive. It's a tough one.I'd also like to ... read story
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