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By Tyke /Feb. 27, 2006 / Comments
The timer in the Ipod contest page is based on your computer clock. So it will be ending at different times for everyone because of time zones. The contest will be ending tomorrow morning around 10am EST.

Also, this week I have finals, so be patient and expect the fan of the week and some quizzes a little later.
Green Day picked up the 'Roc Da Mic' award from TRL. With an award name like that, it's no wonder today's youth are going stupid. We have added the super cool popular download "Boulevard of Broken Songs" in the extra media section (#21), ... read story
Looky here. Blonde is back.We want to thank everyone who donated for the Grammy Honor's ad. We've made enough to send in a full page, black and white ad that will be in the program book. A reminder that the logo contest ends in three days ... read story
FORUM UPDATE #2: Yay! The forum is back up.Visit the video downloads section for a video from 1991 of Green Day playing "16" at 'Pinole Valley High School'. The 30 second song, 'Ballad of Wilhelm Fink', has been posted in the extra media ... read story
The turnout of support we've gotten from you guys for the Grammy honors ad has been really great. We're nearing 60% of our total goal, and we thank all of you who have already donated. Just a reminder that our deadline for donations is ... read story
As i mentioned earlier, Green Day is up 2 times on TRL. Work your GDA magic, and vote for them here, and here.We have setup a list of people that have donated thus far to our "grammy honors ad".Read Andres' post below about helping GDA ... read story
Green Day will be honored March 19th in San Francisco by The Recording Academy. GDA was contacted to see if we were intrested in buying a spot inside the ceremony's 'program book' to say something to Green Day. We're trying to raise enough ... read story
Happy 34th Birthday to Billie Joe ... read story
Green Day won both awards they were nominated for at the 2006 Brit Awards. They won 'Best International Band' and 'Best International Album'.Another couple awards for the band to add to the mantle ... read story
Happy Valentines Day from all of us at GDA ... read story
As you guys can see, Green Day found a way to share the cover of a Sweedish girl magazine with a small girl. Some good news though, is that Green Day are on the list of the most earned musicians. Congrats to Green Day on making 99 Million ... read story
Yes. Finally. We have some new quiz questions to try here. Try the lyric and fact quizzes. We apologize for the lack of quiz updates, and expect them more frequently now.Also, a quick reminder about the contest for an iPod nano. We are ... read story
Green Day picked up the Grammy for "Record of the Year" with Boulevard of Broken Dreams. You can download the video of the acceptance speech here.Billie Joe also presented the award for "Rock Album of the Year" with Gwen Stefani to U2. You ... read story
So as you guys kicked Mariah Carey out of the water before, we come today with another chance for you to shine.Head over to MTV's Vote'n Win page. Click on the first button on the top left (which apparently says 'Vote n' Win). Each time ... read story
Be sure to watch the Grammy's tomorrow night at 8pm EST/PST on CBS. Green Day is nominated for 'Record of the Year'. If they win, be sure to come back to GDA and we'll try have up their acceptance speech right away. If they don't win, ... read story
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