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Hey everyone, tomorrow is the last day to vote for GDA as 'Fansite of Year' for the liveDaily awards. So you should all vote here.

As you may have noticed, there haven't been many updates. The entire team on taking a break for the holidays. Just after new year we'll continue updating and bringing more to GDA.

On behalf on the entire GDA team (webmasters and the moderating team for both the chat and forum), I'd like to say thank you all for a great year here at GDA. This year has been really surprising for us, and we've been able to make GDA bigger than ever anticipated. Because of all you awesome fans sharing a link to GDA with your friends, we were able to more than triple the amount of people that visit, to an amazing average of 40,000 people per day. We were able to purchase a total of two dedicated servers, and we're working on a third to continue sharing the Green Day love.

We are already working on ideas for next year and we have some big plans for GDA and music in general. Since Green Day won't be touring next year (or they don't have plans to at the moment), we want to make sure we do more to keep bringing you all the latest in Green Day and punk rock.

Thank you all once again for this awesome year and for your continued support of Green Day and GDA. We wish you the very best in the coming year and hope you'll keep coming back for more.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from everyone at GDA ... read story
There is a new article in Rolling Stone about Billie Joe being "Rocks Rude Boy". Read the article here.The video downloads have been updated with "Christie Road" from the Fuse show, Comp'd, that aired earlier this month.Courtney has also ... read story
The merchandise page has been updated with some new Green Day shirts, accessories, and some new Adeline stuff.Some idiots at Ultimate Guitar nominated Green Day as "Worst Band of 2005".GDA would like to welcome Adrián and Andrew to ... read story
A really big thanks to Marc for sending in the 20 pages from the special 'Green Day' collectors edition of Metal Hammer that came out last month. You guys can read it in our articles section. Last night were the 'Radio Music Awards'. Green ... read story
What's up fools? This weeks Fan of the Week is up, so congrats to Kleber.Here is an article about the Melbourne show. Be sure to check tomorrow for the updated quizzes. Hope you have a great holiday.UPDATE::: I have also updated the Fan ... read story
Here's an article for you to read about Green Day's recent Grammy nod.We need a couple of new banners for GDA. If you are intrested in helping us out, click here for more info (you may need to register ... read story
Hey everyone. I just wanted to wish a happy 26th birthday to one of my best friends and GDA webmasters, Keith. So if you see him in the chatroom or something, make sure you wish him a happy birthday as well. Andres made a post below, so ... read story
We posted a few days ago about Green Day being in "Zero" magazine. Thanks to Sanne and Ryan for sending in some scans. You can read that magazine along with the recent Dub and Kerrang! scans in the articles section.We have added a new ... read story
As you guys may know, Billie and Adie's clothing line "Adeline" has been launched as of a few days ago. You guys can check out and buy some of the clothing along with tons of other Green Day merch in the updated Merchandise Page.Be sure to ... read story
Hey everyone, the Picture Vault is back online. All the pictures aren't there however, I'm working to get them up soon. I sorta lost everything with the old Picture Vault. Oh well. At least you can look through it now and stop e- ... read story
As you all know, Green Day played another show last night in Sydney. There are 2 concert reviews up, so check those out. Also, check out these articles here, and here. Also, in the 2005 Readers Poll in Kerrang, Green Day is mentioned for ... read story
Thanks to you beautiful people that nominated us, GDA was selected in the top 5 for "Fansite of the year" in the liveDaily "Best of 2005" Awards. Now we need people to vote for us. Green Day is also up for 4 awards.Vote Here.Green Day is in ... read story
G'day mates. hmm. ok, well i tried. Anyways, hope everyone has an AMAZING time tonight at the Sydney show, and this Saturday at the Melbourne show as well. If you go, remember to send in a concert review here just click on the 'submit ... read story
Sorry to those of you waiting for the new look-alikes. We are currently working on a new feature for them, and until then, will not be putting any new ones up. This feature will hopefully be up shortly. You can still submit pictures by ... read story
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