Green Day recently shared a brief video giving us a behind the scenes look at their latest music video "Oh Yeah!" Check it out below.

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A short review and interview is in GQ Magazine. The new album is described as a "delight" and Billie Joe talks about how satisfied the band are: [quote]We're very satisfied with this album. We love releasing new material, but we didn't ... read story
Radio Rock have shared a new interview with Green Day. They discuss the 2017 Oslo show, Norway's "viking spirit," inspiration, who the "father of all motherfuckers is," music that makes you "dance, not just mosh" and more. Discuss ... read story
[url=]Kerrang[/url] have confirmed that Green Day will play the Ellen DeGeneres Show on February 7. Their episode will be hosted by Martha Stewart and ... read story
Rolling Stone have published a new interview with Billie Joe. He shares his life in 15 Green Day songs, including some he hasn't talked about before like Fell For You. [quote]I always wanted ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! to be our power-pop ... read story
Good Morning America have announced that Green Day will be performing Oh Yeah in LA on February 10. FEB. 10 on @GMA: The day after the #Oscars, 5x Grammy-winning punk rock band @GreenDay will perform their latest single “Oh Yeah” ... read story
At Green Day's free show in St. Louis before the NHL All Star game, fans got to hear Fire, Ready, Aim for the first time not once, but twice. After bidding fans goodbye and saying he'd see them in the summer, Billie Joe walked back ... read story
Billie Joe Armstrong rides shotgun with rapper Tyla Yaweh in his new music video "High Right Now." Billie chauffeurs around the rapper as he enjoys a smoke. Post Malone and Wiz Khalifa also make appearances in the video. Not only does ... read story
Soundi Magazine met Green Day in Spain in November 2019 to discuss the new album. They call it "punk and anything but punk." The magazine comes out on February 21. Read more on [url=]Soundi's ... read story
Thailand's Blast Magazine has announced on social media that Green Day will appear in issue 44. View this post on Instagram 💚 ปลุกความป็อบพั้งก์ในตัวคุณ กับ ... read story
Green Day have premiered the music video for their new single "Oh Yeah!" Directed by Malia James, the clip looks at society's screen obsession, whether it's staring at their phones while ignoring people around them or getting lost in TV or ... read story
Rock Band recently announced that Green Day's new song, "Father of All..." is [url=]now available as DLC[/url], along with Weezer's new song "The End of the Game." ... read story
Next week is the NHL All-Star game in St. Louis and Green Day will kick things off with a free pre-game show. While the band has not made an official announcement about the show, Green Day Inc [url= ... read story
When this decade began, Green Day were touring 21st Century Breakdown. I remember watching my knockoff DVD of their Fox Theatre performance every few days after school. Attending one of those secret club shows in the Bay Area seemed a ... read story
Next month's Q Magazine cover has been posted on [url=]Reddit[/url] and will celebrate 30 years of Green Day from 1990 - 2020. We'll ... read story
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