In the July 9th issue of Total Guitar Magazine there is an article about Billie Joe's guitar playing. The article talks about his playing, equipment, and techniques. It is a great read and very interesting for guitar players like myself. Also included in the magazine are a couple pages of tabs that show examples of Billie Joe's powerchord riffs, octave melodies, unison blends, and double stops.

"Billie Joe considers himself a song-based player in the mould of the Who's Pete Townshend. An essential ingrediant of his rhythm style is his picking attack: he uses a heavy pick and a strumming motion that fequently swaps between constant downstrokes and alternating downstrokes and upstrokes."

Thanks to Jamie D for the news and for the scans
Green Day was recently featured in Kerrang Magazine with the title "The Greatest Show on Earth". It's an article that covers the bands performance in Manchester last month, with some photos from the show. Only the most expansive and ... read story
On Wednesday, July 28th, Australian music channel MAX Music TV is going to air a special episode of "MAX Masters" devoted to Green Day. From our understanding, the special will include a biography of the band as well as some music videos ... read story
If you're a member of the Idiot Club, you can purchase tickets for the concerts in Brasilia, Brazil. Pre-sales will start for Porto Alegre, Brazil on July 28th. Pre-sales begin at 10am and you will have access to them for 24 hours. You ... read story
Billie Joe and his wife Adrienne were on a recent episode of "Extreme City Makeover" which is a parody of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." The couple were spotted on the streets of New York City by host "Rye Pennington." The very funny ... read story
Green Day has been nominated for Best International Artist at this year's MTV VMB's. They are up against Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Paramore, and more. You can vote for them on the VMB's website by ... read story
Below are three videos of the American Idiot cast performing yesterday on "Good Morning America". They aired performances of them playing medleys of Letterbomb/American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Holiday, and Good Riddance ... read story
FUSE's Summer Song Polldown has come to an end. Voting is over and Green Day did not make it into the final round with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Lady Gaga's song "Alejandro" has been deemed the "song of the summer" with more than 2.6 ... read story
This past Tuesday Jason White, touring guitarist with Green Day, released his debut single 'Hungover" on Max Recordings. From the Max Recordings website: Max returns to its vinyl roots with Jason White's debut 45 single - "Hungover" b/w "I ... read story
The American Idiot musical cast will be performing in Central Park tomorrow in NYC for 'Good Morning America'. It'll take place from 7am-9am at the Summerstage. Enter on 72nd and 5th Ave at 6:00am. They'll be airing a couple ... read story
Michael Mayer, the director of Green Day's Broadway hit, 'American Idiot' are sitting down along side with Billie Joe to be interviewed by Jordan Roth for the 'Broadway Talks' series. The event will be taking place at the Kaufmann Concert ... read story
Episode 7 of our podcast, Static Noise, is now available. This week M1KEY (from our forum) joins us to talk about Green Day looking at producers for the new record, Twilight, Justin Bieber, and gay stuff. And maybe a couple other Green Day ... read story
Today is GDA's 9th anniversary. Nine years ago today Courtney launched GDA 1.0, a variation of the site she had before called "Courtney's Green Day Page". Since those early days, we've grown into the site we are today, with a team of 16 ... read story
Alright guys, get comfortable because it is time to vote. I know we have posted about these before but the voting needs to happen so we are posting it again. Spin's 25 Readers Poll is still up for voting and Green Day needs your help. ... read story
A recent article published by ArtistDirect (and some other sources) states that Green Day has begun looking for a producer for their next album. They mention that Rob Cavallo (producer of Dookie through American Idiot) and Butch Vig ( ... read story
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