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Over the past week we've spent a great deal of time discussing Green Day's latest single "Oh Love." We've heard what the band had to say, what critics thought, and even what other fans thought of Green Day's latest work, but now we want to know what you think of "Oh Love."

In our previous poll, posted late last month, we asked "After reading the Rolling Stone article, what album are you most excited for?" Expectedly the results ended up being pretty much even, but in the end ¡Tre! took the lead. Here are the results:

¡Uno!: 34.9%
¡Dos!: 28.6%
¡Tre!: 36.5%
In a new article from Billboard.com, it is revealed that Green Day's latest single, "Oh Love," will debut at number one on Billboard's Rock Songs chart this Thursday. The track is only the third ever to debut at number one on the chart ... read story
Green Day's official site is now taking pre-orders for all three of the new albums and there are a few packages available for pre-order. An Ultimate Box Set, a Digital Box Set, and a ¡Uno! CD Book. The biggest, and coolest, package is ... read story
This week's "wtf article" comes courtesy of Salon.com. Writer Stephen Deusner goes out of his way to bash Green Day all based on the first single "Oh Love." It's not easy for any artist to write a song that is simultaneously anthemic and ... read story
Hot Topic has listed this girls shirt (it says dolman top, but I'm a terrible gay and have no idea what the fuck that means) of the Kerplunk flower. Pretty awesome design, which we first saw last year on this t-shirt Green Day released for ... read story
Editors Note: The below post was written by a member of our community, justcause, on our forum. We asked her permission to cross-post it here. In the post below she's responding to the question "What do you think of Oh Love?" Our thanks to ... read story
Warner Music Japan posted a quick, and when I say quick I mean really quick, video to their YouTube page of Green Day promoting the Summer Sonic festival that the band will be playing late next month. Green Day kicks of their string of ... read story
Billie Joe's record label, Adeline Records, is currently holding a giant blowout sale on their t-shirt inventory. When Adeline says that that they are having a sale you better believe it, almost every t-shirt in their store has been marked ... read story
On Wednesday, Kerrang Magazine's latest issue with an exclusive interview with Green Day was released to news stands. I had the chance to read the interview and I'm happy to say that it's an excellent read! No real groundbreaking news is ... read story
Earlier today MTV News posted the second installment of their interview with Green Day, the first part was posted earlier this week. The band is once again on the set of the "Oh Love" video where we get some nice teaser footage from the ... read story
Live in Italy and want Green Day's complete discography along with four tickets for you and your friends to see Green Day at the I-Day Festival on September 2nd? Well if you do then it looks like you're in luck, Virgin Radio Italy is ... read story
After the initial premiere of "Oh Love" this past Monday and it's immediate release to the US iTunes store, nothing was to be found in the UK store and rumors began to float around wondering if "Oh Love" was a US only single. Whispers ... read story
After yesterday's release of "Oh Love," Green Day's first single off of the forthcoming ¡Uno! many major news sites have begun voicing their opinions of the new song. Unfortunately some were disappointed when they didn't receive the "big ... read story
Over the past few days many of you have been asking if you will be able to buy a physical copy of Green Day's "Oh Love" single. After doing a little bit of digging I was able to find out that Walmart will be selling an exclusive Oh Love EP ... read story
Green Day's Kerrang cover story is finally out today after months of Kerrang's editor hinting about "big Green Day news" on twitter for the past few months. Like we posted late last week, GDA is excited to have teamed up with the folks ... read story
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