The second batch of entries have been posted up for voting in our 'Working Class Hero' audio contest. You can listen and vote on the entries right here. I gotta admit, all of these are really impressive. It's a tough one.

I'd also like to congratulate Valeria (entry #3) and CJ Dean (entry #5) who both won in the last round. They will move forward to the final round. posted about Green Day's "Working Class Hero" Hard Rock t-shirts. They mention the shirts will be available in Hard Rock Cafe's across the world on July 12th (even though I believe they were released June 12th). ... read story
Voting has begun for the audio contest.The top two entries with the most votes out of each batch will move forward to the final round. The final round will then choose the 5 contestants who will each win the prizes.The next batch will be up ... read story
Many of you have written in letting us know that the Picture Vault has been down this weekened. Not really sure what happened, but we got it back up this morning. Click here to visit. Today is the last day to enter our audio contest. ... read story
Happy Birthday Andres ... read story has posted the new Instant Karma tv commercial. We've put the video up in the GDA player which you can watch by clicking here.I'd also like to post a correction about the Rolling Stone story I posted on the 17th. Green Day has ... read story
The 'Working Class Hero' shirt from Hard Rock is now available. The shirt has a Billie Joe design with 'Working Class Hero' written on the front, and has the signatures of all 3 members on the back.It costs $24 which will also go to help ... read story
In the newest issue of Rolling Stone (cover to the right), there's mention of Green Day's recording of the Simpsons theme song which will be released next month along with the movie. Green Day aren't just making animated cameos in this ... read story
In the most recent issue of Blender they ask a brain surgeon what music she listens to, and she mentioned 'Brain Stew' as her number 1 song. Click here to read the scan. Thanks to ExtraordinaryxGirl for the scan.KROQ ranked Green Day as the ... read story
The official Green Day store on Cinderblock has been updated with a handful of new stuff. Including 3 "play-along" tab books and cd's that'll help you learn some Green Day songs. They're $15 each, and there's one for the bass, drums, and ... read story
Instant Karma is now available for purchase on iTunes for $19.99.As I mentioned yesterday; for those of you who still enjoy looking at a physical CD, you can purchase the album from Amazon for $14.99. Also available on iTunes is the Working ... read story
The benefit-album 'Instant Karma' is finally out today. The new album has a total of 20 songs on two disc's, with bands ranging from Green Day and U2 to Jack Johnson and Snow Patrol. You can purchase the new album from Amazon for $14.99. ... read story
This weeks Kerrang Magazine includes a short article about Green Day and the upcoming Simpsons Movie.In the article there is a quote from the shows creator Matt Groening who says this about Green Day, "They're really good sports and I think ... read story
You guys may remember that we asked for help back in February to buy a Music Rising guitar to give to someone who lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina. We're happy to let everyone know that the guitar will be given to Alabama Slim this weekend ... read story
At the beginning of the new movie "Knocked Up" there's a real short mention of Green Day. The mom asks what the kids would like to hear and the youngest daughter says "Green Day" over and over. Reminded me of my 4 year old niece who kept ... read story
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