The band first popped up in the fall of '03. With rumors surrounding them immediately about the three members of Green Day being involved, the band seemed to gain some attention (mostly online) from the media.

They released their first CD, Money Money 2020 in the fall of 2003 on Billie Joe's label, Adeline Records. Being on that label only added to the suspicion about who the members were. We didn't hear very much from the band, why they were playing or where they were from till the launch of their site With their social agenda intact, they launched their site in mid September 2003 to clear up their purpose. Below is their mission as posted on their site.

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The Network has been sent here to rid us of the mediocre music that has inhabited our planet for too long. Their quest is to dominate the airwaves thus getting rid if the mindless shit that has been dominating the radio and television for the last 20 years. Tired of music cross breeding (i.e. rap merging with metal, and American Idol faux singing style etc), the boys knew they had a job to do.

Music needs to be dangerous again. Music needs to think. The band has painstakingly set up a factory in Oakland that will produce music, art and film. To educate the people that the moral majority is neither moral nor the majority anymore. The mediocre masses have had their day, now the day finally belongs to us.

Fink might be considered the leader, being as he finances the group using money he made on a "TOP SECRET" nuclear invention he created shortly before dropping out of M.I.T. He's an Aquarius.

A macrobiotic/vegan, from Belgium, Van Gough was forced to work entrail duty at his uncle's slaughterhouse in Fresno from the age of 10 until 18 where he moved to Tibet to conquer Mount Everest.

Formally a Mexican Wrestler from Argentina, The Snoo grew up poor on the busted streets of Buenos Aires and refuses to let the success of THE NETWORK affect him or his wardrobe IN ANY WAY. Jailed twice in Texas for messing with Texas, he does not claim to be reformed. Likes to eat hot peppers.

This Icelandic sculptors name is so hard to pronounce, they call him Z. Likes to hitchhike. He plays keyboards with one finger. Uses Capt. Underpants' home made keyboards exclusively.

Although we do not know which sport or event, we do know that Captain Underpants has two Olympic medals that he won for the Swedish national team. He made his first synthesizer when he was only six years old. He speaks seven languages and all with a slight stutter.

Balducci loves to skip in his free time and has a passion for cheap, barely running devices of transportation. Missing In Action for a strenuous amount of time caused the rumors that he was inducted by NASA for near-future space travel.

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The band's only album to date, Money Money 2020 was released in the fall of 2003 on the indie Adeline Records label of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Outrageous and off-the-wall, the Network challenges the musical status quo with Money Money 2020. View songs and lyrics.
The DVD Disease Is Punishment is the video compilation to Money Money 2020. Featuring a live concert performance at a sold-out Key Club in Los Angeles November 2003, plus music videos to five of the album's tracks, Disease Is Punishment is pure punk mayhem.
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