Released: September 23, 2013
Official release that documents Green Day's UNO! DOS! TRE! recording more.

Awesome As Fuck
Official release chronicling the band's 21st Century Breakdown World Tour spanning much of 2009 and 2010. This live DVD was shot in January of 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. A CD was also more.

Bullet in a Bible
Green Day's first ever official live DVD release. The DVD features over 100 minutes of exclusive performance, rare behind-the-scenes footage, including candid interviews with each band member discussing their career and life on the road, along with footage of fans demonstrating their deep more.

International Supervideos
A collection of all of Green Day's music videos up to the release of International Superhits in 2001.

Track list:
1. Longview
2. Basket Case
3. When I come Around
4. Geek Stink Breath
5. Stuck With Me
6. Brain Stew
7. Jaded
8. Walking Contradition
9. Hitchin' A Ride
10. Good Riddance( more.

Riding in Vans With Boys
This hilarious rock documentary follows punk-pop band Blink 182 and their tour mates Kut u Up, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World on the 2002 Pop Disaster Tour. Kut u Up, the newcomer in the group, brought along several cameras for the tour, and captured all the mayhem that goes on behind the scenes of more.

Dookie: The Ultimate Critical Review
DOOKIE, Green Day's first major label album, launched the post-punk band to mainstream commercial success. This film goes inside the history of the pivotal album, and includes live concert footage plus an interview with Larry Livermore, the man who discovered the teenage punks in their band Sweet more.

The Boys Are Back In Town
Released 2009

Over twenty years in the game and still often thought of as a new act, Green Day have shone so much brighter than every one of their original Nu-Punk contemporaries through a quite staggering talent for writing the best pop-punk tracks of all time and performing the most exciting more.

Green Day: Music in Review
Featuring in-depth interviews with music critics and even the man who discovered them, this Green Day video biography chronicles the Berkeley band's rise to pop-punk stardom. Archival footage of the band at work is presented here alongside their biggest radio hits, including "Basket Case" and "When more.

Green Day American Idiot: The Ultimate Review
After bursting out of the Cali punk scene in 1994 with DOOKIE, Green Day faded somewhat from the limelight. All that changed with 2004's politically charged AMERICAN IDIOT, infused with the same suburban angst and humor that audiences have come to expect from singer Billie Joe Armstrong, while more.

Green Day: Sweet Children To American Idiots
How did Green Day make the transformation from fiercely independent underground punks to huge-selling international superstars? FROM SWEET CHILDREN TO AMERICAN IDIOTS contains all the answers, with a vivid recollection of Green Day's sharp ascent to the the top. more.

Green Day: Rock Case Studies
ROCK CASE STUDIES weighs in on the musical legacy of the band that helped spearhead the 1990s pop-punk movement, Green Day. This critical perspective assesses the trio's musical output through rare archival footage, live-performance clips--including their appearance at the 1994 Woodstock music more.

Rock Milestones: The Singles
Filling in grunge's fading pop appeal, Green Day helped kick off a 1990s neo-punk revolution with a string of catchy singles like the infectious "Welcome to Paradise" and the ennui-laced "Longview." This program offers a critical review of the band's singles through rare live-performance clips and more.

Green Day-Under Review 1995-2000-Middle Years
In the 1990s the California trio Green Day revived the punk-pop sound of the Buzzcocks and the Descendents, giving it a contemporary sheen. After the band's 1994 commercial breakthrough, DOOKIE, Green Day continued to make sharply crafted punk-pop statements, namely with 1995's INSOMNIAC, 1997's more.

Rock Milestones: 1,000 Hours to Kerplunk
Green Day's first "proper" album, Kerplunk, is a 1990s milestone, mixing sharply drawn punk with melodic pop hooks for a sound that came to define the decade. This program offers a critical review of the band's masterpiece through rare live performance clips and interviews with rock critics and more.

The Only Rhyme That Bites
Grounded in the San Francisco punk scene of the early 1990s, Green Day exploded onto the mainstream with their Ramones- and Buzzcocks-influenced blend of punk energy and pop hooks. This unauthorized biography chronicles the pop-punk trio's meteoric history through rare archival footage and more.

Live 8: Berlin
A individual DVD of the Live 8 concert in Berlin, Germany, where Green Day played.

Contains the tracks "Holiday" and "We Are the Champions" more.

Suburbia Bomb
An unauthorized biography of Green Day. Includes interviews with Green Day and those close to them, unseen film footage, a photo gallery, and more.

NOTE: This DVD is the same as the Pogo Paradise more.

The Mayor of Sunset Strip
The Mayor of Sunset Strip is a wildly entertaining ride through rock-and-roll history as seen through the eyes of one supremely distinct figure, Rodney Bingenheimer. Directed by acclaimed documentarian George Hickenlooper (HEARTS OF DARKNESS), the film examines the life of Los Angeles' "Mayor of more.

Out of Focus: Vol. 1
Part 1 of the infamous Out Of Focus video fanzine collection on DVD. The creation of Mike Byrne (from the Methadones) and his brother Bob -- the two filmed countless shows at McGregors, Metro, and the Fireside Bowl in Chicago throughout the 1990's, and now THICK's making the entire collection plus more.

Pogo Paradise
An unauthorized biography of Green Day. Includes interviews with Green Day and those close to them, unseen film footage, a photo gallery, and more. more.

Green Day: The Ultimate Review
This collection presents a trio of documentaries chronicling the rise of Bay Area pop-punk band Green Day through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and rare live-performance clips: AMERICAN IDIOT: THE ULTIMATE CRITICAL REVIEW; DOOKIE: THE ULTIMATE CRITICAL REVIEW; and THE ULTIMATE FILM REVIEW. more.
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