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Author: Ian Shirley

Formed in 1987, Green Day helped to revive mainstream interest in punk rock with 1994's major-label debut Dookie, which to date has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. Following on from the successful Revealed titles [...] this glossy, visually stimulating coffee-table book is organized chronologically and covers all the major events in Green Day's still vibrant career, accompanied by revealing and evocative images of the band -from the early days to American Idiot's appearance on Broadway.
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Average Rating: 3.8
Aug. 30, 2013
by Burnout
Even though this isn't official, I loved it! And I was happy to find this from my home in Finland. If you're looking for a book with more pictures, this is perfect!
Aug. 30, 2013
by Jackie
A friend gave this to me for my birthday one year, and it still stands as one of my most treasured belongings, haha. This book is huge, and chock full of vibrant, rare, and crystal clear photos. There isn't a lot of text to go along with the photos, which is fine actually, because in this book I think most of the photos are able to vividly tell stories all on their own.
Aug. 30, 2013
by Rusty James
A good read, but if you're a hardcore GD fan, you will probably know most (If not all) of the information. Aside from that GD Revealed is a good book with lots of great photos, but each page only has about a paragraph of text.
Sep. 01, 2013
by Megan
I really like this book, its pretty informative and detailed (even though I already knew most of the info) It has some fantastic pictures and the author seemed very passionate. I liked it, although it's a big book that I have to lay flat just to fit in my bookshelf! :)
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