Rolling Stone's 40th Anniversary issue is available online, free, in a digital edition. It contains every page exactly as it appears in the magazine. You can leaf through the pages as if you were reading the magazine in print, skip ahead, or use the search function. The interview with Billie Joe is on page 140. (It's the same interview that was posted on Rolling Stone's website on Nov. 1, the only difference is the format.) Here is a larger version of the photo.

There's also an extra tidbit where Billie Joe talks about his musical influences:
Husker Du's "Up In the Air" goes, "Poor bird flies up in the air/Never getting anywhere." For me -- sitting in my bedroom in Rodeo, California, with a little weed, hanging out with my friends -- that was huge. There's no place I can see myself going, except for the trip inside my head. In The Replacements' "Answering Machine" Paul Westerberg is just screaming at an answering machine. It's the complete lack of connection. That's what you're up against -- walls and air.

The entire Rolling Stone catalogue is available for sale in digital form in a DVD box set. It contains over 98,000 pages of the magazine.

In other news, the recently released teen novel Slam, by Nick Hornby, makes a lot of references to popular music, including Green Day. A book review in the New York Times says that when the teenage protagonist's girlfriend becomes pregnant, "the music he brings to play while she's in labor includes American Idiot by Green Day."
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February 2023
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Feb 01:
Dookie was released 29 years ago!!
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Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!