A trailer for the documentary film oneninenefour, about the explosion of punk rock in the 90s, which was led by the meteoric rise of Green Day, has just been released and is posted on the film's website. It features interview clips with Fat Mike of NOFX, Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout Records, and more. The film's site says they will be interviewing Billie Joe next week and he'll be in the final cut of the film, which should be finished in early 2008. (You can also watch the trailer on YouTube.)

In the recent Total Guitar Magazine there's an article about Green Day and their new album. Nothing new though, just a summary of the same things said in Rolling Stone. Also in the same magazine, there's a letter thanking TG for printing a "How To Play" of Green Day's cover of the Simpsons theme, which was in the last issue. (The articles are in the magazine, not on the website.)
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Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams will be featured on a new rock CD honoring the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards. There will be a series of seven discs, to be released on January 8th, all under the series name Ultimate Grammy Collection.

Jason Freese, who played keyboards, sax, and more on Green Day's American Idiot tour, is producing an album for the band Death by Stereo. There's a new video on YouTube of him goofing around in the studio, playing the birthday song on the saxophone.

Billie Joe often mentions the band Husker Du as an important influence. In a new interview, Bob Mould of Husker Du said this about Green Day and the bands that followed them:
Green Day is an amazing band, but it’s sort of like the bands after them that wore the eyeliner and played fast and shopped at Hot Topic, that was more important than trying to sort of raise a social consciousness or trying to create something new. There was a couple of years where there was sort of mall punk stuff, where I was like wow, you’re really missing the point here.
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