We know that a lot of you have posted comments expressing your frustration that the new song, Broadway, is no longer up on the Foxboro Hot Tubs' MySpace page, and neither are several of the other songs. We're fans just like you, so we feel your pain!

As we posted previously, Stop Drop and Roll has now been made available to buy as downloads from the official site, along with clips you can stream. Some people have reported technical difficulties with that, and others have not. As many of you mentioned, Highway 1 doesn't seem to be included in the downloads, and some people have said that when they downloaded Broadway, they actually got Highway 1. Feel free to post your input in the comments to let us know if everything is working smoothly for you.

Another option until recently, for people in the US, was to buy or listen to the songs on Rhapsody, but those are no longer available, except for The Pedestrian.

All we can say is we all have to be a little patient until everything gets sorted out. And don't forget that the physical album is due out on May 13 (Edit: it now says May 20). And of course you can always listen on YouTube...
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February 2023
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Dookie was released 29 years ago!!
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Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!