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Diablo Magazine's May 2008 issue has a nice article about Adrienne Armstrong's eco-friendly store, Atomic Garden, with interview quotes and photos of Adrienne and her partner, Jamie Kidson.

There are more, earlier photos of the store here and here.

Rolling Stone's new issue has a review of the Foxboro Hot Tubs' The Pedestrian. Thanks to brndnsc1996.
Even before Green Day confirmed that this is their alias, any American idiot could tell that this jaunty shuffle is them in the Fifties-rock mode. If the adenoidal vocals aren't enough of a clue, the self-referential lyrics like "It don't take a genius to be an idiot" should convince any doubters. With a running time just over 2 minutes and a melody straight from the Buddy Holly school, it's nothing too weighty, just the welcome sound of Billie Joe and Co. dusting off cobwebs. 3 1/2 stars. By Micheal Endelman.

There's also a review of Stop Drop and Roll on Aversion and another short review on TriCityHerald.

And Amazon now lists the release date of Stop Drop and Roll, the physical CD, as May 20.
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