Just wanted to make a quick note about something we get emails about. A few people have asked (bitched) about why we delete some comments. The two main rules for our comments is that they should be related to whatever topic is covered in the news post and should not include links to your email/myspace and definitely not your phone number (thats just common sense). But one thing we ask that your posts are at least thoughtful and coherent.
- Avoid excessive exclamation marks and using caps lock.
- Make your comments readable, otherwise it's just kind of annoying for the people who do try to read through them. Just type like a normal person, it's really not hard.

I know there are plenty of you out there who read the news and never comment, I'd like to invite more of you to participate in the comments so we can make them a more enjoyable part of the site, so long as you're willing to follow the things mentioned above.

As for Green Day news, nothing special but there is an interview posted over at the Idiot Club with an interview with Jimmy Frick, a guy from Albuquerque, New Mexico (wooot!) who got pulled up on stage to play with the band in 2005. Check it out [Thanks J'net for bringing to my attention]

There's also an article in Newsweek, which talks about American Idiot's place as art and part of our culture during the Bush administration. They call it "protest art" after Bush's reelection. It's also an interesting piece which you can read here. [Thanks Beth]
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