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As we've been mentioning, J'net was lucky enough to attend the American Idiot musical earlier this month. She's been working on this amazing review, which is finally ready for you guys to read. She did an awesome job sharing details about the production and the actors, and it's nice to read it from a point of view of someone who really understands and appreciates Green Day's music. [url=]Read her review right here[/url].

Here's a snippit:
The basis of this show is Green Day’s superb music - American Idiot. It’s obvious that someone who revered this work was paying deep attention to every nuance in translating it to the stage. The way chances are taken with the songs as they are interpreted, transitioned and mixed with each other leaves them surprisingly true to the originals. The overall experience of this production actually adds dimension to a work I thought I understood through and through.
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