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Yes i know things have been slow here, I apologize once again. I've been busy working on some other projects for the site. Good stuff, which will be coming soon.

Many of you have been writing in or posting in the comments asking why we aren't doing the nightly show recaps like we did during the US tour. We decided to make these weekly recaps. We'll continue to add pictures from the shows into our Picture Vault as quickly as we can, but we didn't really see the point of updating the site every day just to say "Here are some pictures".

We're working on a way to make all this stuff easier to sort through, easier to manage, easier to post, share and organize - and part of that will come with the projects I'm working on now. Which will include a re-design of the whole system we use to publish news. More details will be shared later.

Anyways, there's just a quick update to explain why things have been a bit quiet. Once I get this new stuff done, we're going to be looking for one or two additional news editors to help us out. Again, more details on that will be published soon.
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