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Since [turl=]yesterday marked[/turl] the 2 year anniversary of 21st Century Breakdown's release, we thought we'd spend this whole week celebrating Green Day's most recent studio album.

First off, we're going to focus on our current song of the week over at our [url=]GDC Forum[/url], American Eulogy. Billie Joe has said this was one of the first songs written after the American Idiot era. Featuring vocals from Mike Dirnt as well, it was occasionally interchanged with Minority as a set 'closer' during the 21st Century Breakdown tour.

Here's an exemplary performance of the song, from Green Day's sold out show in Chula Vista, San Diego, in September 2010:

Share with us some of your thoughts on this song, and the album in general. Later on we'll be featuring some more in depth analysis from our contributors in the Green Day Community.
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