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Green Day played another surprise show last night, this time at Oakland's 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. It was announced very last minute yesterday (probably to avoid the issues that came last time with people from all over the world descending into California without a guarantee of getting in). Twenty Idiot Club members got into the show for free, and the rest of the crowd was mainly friends and family of the band.

The show was filmed, but I doubt they plan to release it or anything like that. The guys usually like to film all their performances for their own archives. Maybe we'll see it someday (maybe not).

They played some of the new songs they debuted in Costa Mesa earlier this summer alongside older material. Apparently they also played one new song that Billie said he had written very recently, and someone held up the lyrics for him while they were playing.

Here are some photos taken by concertkid. We'll upload more into this album if we get them. If you have some to share, email them to me, andres@greendayauthority.com.

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Here's a part of the recap by concertkid. Click here to read his full review.

"Billie Joe told me and this other guy that him and his son spent days building the stage and the lighting, and they hope the place holds regular shows. What a cool dude he is.

The show started at 9:40, and they appeared without makeup or any fancy clothing. ...

The first hour of the show consisted of mostly new songs. Some titles were "Carpe Diem", "Let Yourself Go" (which Billie Joe told us was a song about letting yourself go), "Sweet 16" and "Wild One".

The crowd was great, lots of moshing in the middle, but no violence. The guys played as if there were 60,000 people in the audience instead of just 160. It was steaming hot in there, though, everyone was drenched in sweat. Tre's face was beet red and Billie Joe's eyes were bloodshot at the end.

The last 45 minutes were oldies and some of their hits, including "Welcome To Paradise", "American Idiot" and ending with "St. Jimmy", which had everyone going wild. Billie Joe smashed his guitar against the wall and tossed the broken pieces into the crowd. Mike Dirnt handed me his guitar pick."

Here's part of the recap from Mozzabillie. Billie Joe mentions the pantsgate controversy.
"He made a joke when someone said something and pretended he couldn't hear by saying, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you because I'm trying to put my luggage up!" He then said that the plane incident was ridiculous and tried to imitate one of the newscasters standing outside of The Gilman talking about the incident."

There are some more reviews from our forum members. You can start around here with this recap from Abbey and read on from there.
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