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Straight from Jesse Malin:

"Super exciting! The Rodeo Queen's (Jesse's band with Green Day) "Depression Times" has been nominated as one of 2011's "Coolest Songs In The World" on Little Steven's Underground Garage! Vote your hearts out - you'll be entered to win a vacation package for The Hard Rock in San Diego, California. The contest winner will be announced on January 2nd during Kid Leo's show on Sirius XM-21 and all 52 "Coolest Songs" that Steven chose throughout this year will be played!"

You might remember the 500th Underground Garage Show in October, when both Jesse Malin and Green Day were interviewed on the show. You can check out our video of Jesse's interview here and Green Day's here!

You can go vote here. Whatever happens, that song must have the funniest story of any song in 2011! ;)

A BIG thanks to my good pal Fed (fede86mdq) in Buenos Aires, Argentina for posting this on our forum.

Picture Credit (top right): Bob Gruen
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