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MTV.com has just posted this exclusive NRDC video featuring Billie Joe and Adrienne talking about NRDCGreenGifts.org, a place for people to purchase gifts that help the envrioment.

(The video is limited by region, but we'll upload a copy to YouTube as soon as we can)

Here's the full story from MTV.com

"As Billie Joe puts it in the video -- in between scenes of him smashing a ukulele -- "gifts that won't end up broken but will actually put the world back together again."

That's very much the message behind the Armstrongs' NRDC spot: Instead of spending cash on a bunch of crap that, frankly, you probably won't touch once the holiday decorations have come down, why not invest in the future of our planet and make a difference in the process.

"This holiday season, I can't buy a bunch of sh-- gifts that he'll just end up breaking," Adrienne Armstrong laughs. "Instead, I go to [the Green Gifts website] where I can get awesome things for our friends and family.""
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