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Boo! It's "The Boo"!

One of our GDC'ers was lucky enough to get the very last copy of "The Boo" Xmas Record that Billie Joe (we think) dropped off at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records yesterday in Oakland, to be given away on a first come first serve basis.

All 100 copies were snapped up in little over an hour. If you weren't in the area and hot off the blocks, you probably missed out. But fear not! Sandra Evans has kindly uploaded a couple of the tracks to YouTube to share, so you can have a listen! She was only able to record the audio through her camera, so it's not a direct rip from the CD.

Here's one of the tracks, "I Want Revenge":

And here's a link to "Super Starship".

What do you think? I'm digging the sound! A few people have made (probably) the most obvious comparison to The Go Go's. Catchy tunes, wonder what else the future has in store for The Boo?

Thanks again to Sandra Evans for sending this news.
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