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Holy Shit

By Courtney /Nov. 26, 2001 / Comments
Today GreenDay.com's new design finally was launched. And to celebrate, the site is giving away a pile of Green Day shit, including a mousepad, mug, picture and more to 1 of you lucky bastards. Here's what you gotta do. Write in 25 words or less about your favorite Green Day superhit and why you love it so fuckin' much. Then the nice folks over at Greenday.com will pick 3 finalists, then post their essays on the website. Then we get to vote for a winner! Sounds pretty fuckin' sweet to me. Ya know what else they got over there? A ton of new shit! The 'Macy's Day Parade' video, new wallpapers, e-cards, new store shit (my god I'll be buying meself a lot for Christmas), new pictures and more! Now just get yer ass over there. Meanwhile, I have pretty much shit to add to here. I'm gonna put up Christmas stuff (awwww...) and some of the new Green Day stuff. Ok...what else...don't forget to vote on the new GDA Poll, and uhh..the guestbook is down. Why? I dunno. Green Day is TV Guide's Artist of the Week. Well I'll be goin now. Look for more updates later. :)
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