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Green Day kicked off their mini Japan tour last night at the Hokkaidoritsu Sogo Taiikukan in Sapporo, Japan. Tomorrow they are playing the Saitama Arena in Tokyo, Japan. If anyone would send a review I could put it on the pending Concert Review page. Check out to read an article called 'Green Day's Armstrong Takes Issue With Views On Ramones' Career'. The article is basically about Billie Joe's audio message on, which I didn't get to listen to because my computer is being fucking retarded and won't play it. Grrrr. Also, check out the Official Ramones Site for pictures of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. On the main page, click on Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, then click on Induction Party, then At the Loft, Dinner Party, or Induction Ceremony. There's only like 2 pictures of Green Day though. The one is Billie Joe singing and the other is CJ, Jessie Malin, Billie Joe and Tre Cool at the Dinner Party. Both were added to the Pictures Page. Congratulations to our affiliate Kerplunk Online for winning the GDXFS Challenge of the Month for April. And will the person who e-mailed me via the contact form, who has the SN FireGOD (aka Rick), please e-mail me back because your e-mail didn't work. I have lots of new entries for Collector's Corner, but I don't have time to get to them right now. I don't know if I'll be able to update tomorrow because of Easter. So Happy Easter in advance. Also I know I won't be able to update Monday, April 1, because I am going to see Sum 41 and I'll be booking it down to Philadelphia right after work (it's an hour and a half drive from here). I might have pictures from that concert. :) So that's all for today. I love you all!
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