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This week's Song of the Week is the whimsical Private Ale, track 5 off Green Day's 2nd album [url=]Kerplunk[/url], released in 1992.

As with much of Green Day's earlier material, Private Ale is all about unrequited teenage love and the woes of growing up. Rather than worry about what the future's going to bring ("I don't seem to care"), the narrator of the song instead lets his "imagination go" while sitting by the home of the girl he's infatuated with. There's a very whimsical feeling about Private Ale - despite the fact that the narrator can't be with the girl he has feelings for, he's still oddly content with his life and is happy to simply 'daydream' (or masturbate, if that's what the "And through my veins temptation flows" line really is means) away his problems.

This week's video is an oldie - it looks to be from around '92 or '93, but unfortunately the video description doesn't give any details. Regardless, it's a neat performance.

Lyrics for the song can be found [url=]here[/url], and this is Private Ale's [url=]Song of the Week thread[/url], where you'll find some member-discussion. Feel free to stop by and post your opinion or [url=]nominate[/url] next week' song.
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