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My Suburban Life: My top favorite albums that help shape our lives
Alex Kunkle of GateHouse News Service writes this article of his top five favorite albums that helped shape his life. Within that top five, Alex includes American Idiot talking about the story line and how he loves "the songs within the songs." Check out the article for the full read on it. I actually like Alex's list.

Ultimate Classic Rock: Green Day singer almost joined Guns 'N Roses for Hall of Fame Show
I know this was a while ago but news from the show is still coming out. This piece of news is that Billie Joe was the original choice to fill in for Axl Rose on vocals for Guns 'N Roses' Hall of Fame performance. According to the article, Duff McKagan said that Billie was on board to do whatever was needed... whenever it was needed. As we know, Myles Kennedy ended up being the vocalist for the band at the show.

Billie Joe gave a Tattoo to a Member of the Kaiser Chiefs
Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs was recently interviewed and he told a story of how his band and Green Day were drunk together one night and Billie Joe ended up giving him a tattoo on his leg. Take a look at the video here.

WTF?!?! Article
The 'WTF?!?! Article' has become a post of its own! We posted one the other day so check it out! Someone claims that Green Day is copying other musicians... that's not going to fly with us. We'll have another one soon. A person tells Billie to quite dressing like he's 17 years old and to "grow the hell up." Interesting....

Several Articles Concerning the Voodoo Festival:
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