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Recently, our friends over at Green Day Eulogy had the opportunity to interview rock and roll photographer Bob Gruen. Aside from Green Day, Bob Gruen has photographed a countless number of bands and celebrities including John Lennon, Kiss, and Led Zeppelin just to name a few. In the interview they talk a lot about Green Day along with Bob's time on the road together with the band.

"I actually I first met Green Day when we were both staying in the same hotel in San Francisco, I think they were recording an album and we happened to be staying there on business, and we met in the bar, I remember Tre had like a pellet gun and he was trying to shoot the drinks out of people's hands, and I had to tell him that was a very bad idea. And Billie and I talked for a while, and that was the first time we really met. But my friend Jesse Malin, who is a New York City songwriter, and he was the leader of a band called D Generation, and he was good friends with Green Day and they were going to England to open for Green Day."

This a really good read and I encourage you to head on over to Green Day Eulogy and read the full interview. The interview is written in Portuguese first and then translated into English further down the page.
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