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Our fan of the week: Ana.
Name: Ana
Location: Castellon, Spain
How long have you been a fan: 8 years
Favourite lyric or quote (one-liner): Trust is such a dirty word that comes from such a liar, but respect is something I will earn...
Favourite music video: Holiday
Funniest Green Day moment: Green Day interview on Fuse

Share a little about yourself: 'There's nothing you can't do.' This is definitely my motivation in life, and the only statement that actually helps me going through life. Now I believe in myself, and there're many things I'll achieve in the future. And if you were wondering, Green Day really took its part in this process, and they helped me be who I am today. Much more focused in my aims in life, still the same wild girl at heart.

Check out Ana's full interview on the Green Day Community

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