We're back with The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It! Please, have a seat, get a cup of coffee or tea, and grab a bag of popcorn because the show is about to begin. Actually, I don't know if coffee/tea and popcorn would go well together. But for the sake of trying it, try it! Now, on to the articles for this week.

CBS News: Green Day unveils trailer for upcoming album
CBS has written a nice article talking about all the ¡Uno! news that broke last week. Though the article is brief, it touches on some nice points such as a quote from the band and the fact that they will be playing some festivals in coming months. Certainly better than a lot of the articles that have been written (see below).

¡Uno! articles that are exactly the same: Billboard | Hollywood Reporter | Ultimate Guitar

Green Day Rumors: Green Day to headline 2013 Rock Am Ring Festival?
Looks like we have some competition. This (appears to be) new Green Day news website has sprung up and they're getting some good stuff out there. This is one of their first stories and it's about the possibility of Green Day playing next year's Rock Am Ring Festival. It sounds like the festival's spokesperson gave out some clever hints as to who could be playing next year. Take a look at the article for more info on that. They also have a post on ¡Uno!

The Spectrum: Five Reasons to See American Idiot The Musical
The Spectrum, based out of San Francisco, has listed the five reasons why people should go see American Idiot. I won't spoil them here so check them out for yourself. I think they are fairly good points to make when trying to convince someone to see the musical.

(Psst - Also, they spelled Billie's name as "Billy" so check it out and leave *Billie comments)

Rolling Stone: Dads Who Rock
Billie Joe is featured in a Father's Day list from Rolling Stone that lists the "Dads Who Rock." Rolling Stone provides a nice (older) photo of Billie with Joey back in 2006. It's cute. Other fathers include Dave Grohl, Eddie Van Halen, James Hetfield, and many more.

WTF?!?! Article of the Week: Familiarity Breeds Contempt - Especially Musically
This week's WTF?!?! article comes from Times Live and they have an article talking about artists and bands who's first album is good but then their second, third, and fourth albums aren't good because they aren't what you expected them to be or they're not like the first album in terms of style and sound. The writer makes a decent point here until he decided to mention Green Day. The articles says:

"Prime example here is Green Day. Dookie was awesome genius back in 1994. Following the success, they just began to sound the same. 21st Century Breakdown is Dookie with better funding behind it. Billie Joe Armstrong is now 40 and still dresses like he's 17. Come on, dude. Grow the hell up."

The author mentions some other things related to Green Day as well but the "now 40 and dresses like he's 17" is the WTF?!?! part of this article. But let's give the author some credit because he/she spelled Billie's name correctly. And for that, we thank you.
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